CNN’s Don Lemon calls on Big Tech to regulate people’s posts, opinions: ‘Have them face consequences’


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Lemon said, ‘If you say something that is not true… you have to face the consequences.’

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CNN host Don Lemon calls repeatedly social media companies Tuesday to begin regulating its users’ opinions and posts, declaring that there must be “consequences” for those posting untrue information on any platform and that users must be correctly identified.

During the handoff between their respective shows, Lemon told CNN host Chris Cuomo that, whether or not someone is expressing an opinion on social media, any post must be “based in fact.”


Lemon said, “I end this … and that’s a start for social media companies. What you put on your platform must at least be true. Let’s start there.” View.

Lemon said, “It must be true… you can have an opinion based on fact. OK? So at least it must be true. And it must be based on some kind of fact.” “Beyond that — let’s start at that base level, that baseline right there. And then we can move on with the rest of it.”

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Lemon agreed with Cuomo that social media companies should know who uses their products, but added that people should also know who replies to them or says things about them on the platform. .

“So if someone says something about me I should know it’s Joe Smith who lives in Wisconsin and it shouldn’t be just a bot,” Lemon said.

Earlier in the day, Lemon appeared on CNN’s “New Day” and went a step further, saying there would be consequences for people posting false information.

Lemon told anchors John Berman and Briana Keeler, “If we say something on this network that isn’t true, it has consequences and ramifications, right? We suffer the consequences.” “If you do this on social media, there will be no results. It’s a wild, wild west.”

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He said, “I can go ahead and say… John when was the last time you beat up your wife, or anything like that on social media and it has no consequences, although it’s not true, ” They said. “We should not allow those things in our society. At the very least… what is posted on social media must be true.”

Lemon claimed that posts based on truth should be removed, and there should be consequences for such positions.

“If it’s not true then don’t allow people to put it out there. They have to face the consequences,” Lemon said. “If you’re going to be on social media, you should put your real information out there, so that if you say something that isn’t true… you have to face the consequences. There are bots out there spreading BS.”

“I think social media, like any other media company … should face some kind of consequences. And they should be regulated,” he said. “And at the very least, what you put there must be true, and if it’s not true, it must be actionable.”

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