Cinnamon bun flavored Snickers bar announced


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The new candy bar will be available at Walmart from October

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Candy can taste anything these days.

Over the years, Snickers hasn’t been afraid to try out new flavors. While many of these flavors involve either adding new types of nuts or using a different type of chocolate, the brand has just announced a new candy bar based on an entirely different type of flavor.


Snickers bar maker Mars Wrigley announced the launch of a cinnamon bun flavored Snickers bar. one in Press releaseThe new snack will feature Cinnamon Bun Flavored Nougat with Peanuts, Caramel and Milk Chocolate.

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Michelle Dignon, Senior Brand Director, Mars Wrigley, said, “We are excited to continue to provide better moments and more smiles for our fans through new innovations and want to surprise them with delicious taste experiences. Snickers Cinnamon The bun offers a classic flavor that welcomes the fall season and a moment of comfort with a flavor and texture that only Snickers can provide.”

The Cinnamon Bun Snickers Bar will be available exclusively at Walmart starting October. It will be available in both a single package and a package of 24.

Snickers isn’t the only candy bar adding new items to its line-up for the upcoming season.

As previously reported by Granthshala Business, Hershey’s announced 13 new items for the upcoming holiday season. Many of the new candy items were based on popular Christmas icons, such as Reese’s Ugly Sweater, which is a sweater-shaped piece of chocolate filled with peanut butter.

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Hershey Kisses also announced that it will be releasing a special package based on the popular children’s character, the Grinch.

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