Christmas 2021: Everything you need to know about shopping, shipping and shortages


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Retail experts tell Granthshala Business what shoppers can expect in 2021

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Together Christmas Being only 100 days away, gift shopping Something that is sure to be on the minds of many consumers.

Like last year, the coronavirus pandemic will play a factor Holiday Shopping season in terms of shopping trends, shipping delays and item shortages. Granthshala Business consulted retail experts to get their insights on what American gift givers should expect.


Here’s what he had to say.

holiday shopping trends

Early shopping is the name of the game for the 2021 holiday season. Not only are people buying early because they anticipate delays, but most experts agree this is the best strategy you can use to order online or make purchases in person on time.

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Retail prices to rise till 2021 shopping season, says expert

“It’s important to get ahead of the curve on holiday shopping this year. Many toy makers like Mattel and tech makers alike are struggling to navigate the supply chain and keep shelves stocked,” said Brett Rose, founder and CEO said United National Consumer Suppliers. “Unfortunately, this also means they are struggling to keep prices down. Once the prime buying season arrives, it will be too late for most.”

Rose also believes the promotion will be halted later in the holiday season in response to retailers NS Current initial buying trend.

At the same time, Mark Spencer — Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations Jane, a boutique deals website, predicts holiday deals will “expand in the long run” as a way to get buyers through physical or virtual doors and increase profitability.

“Toy sales are up 40% year-over-year,” Spencer said. Mask sales have increased by 300% since the end of July.

UPS aims for 100K fares before ‘record peak holiday season’

Retail experts expect online shopping and in-store digital experiences to see growth in light of the COVID-19 delta edition.

Shereen Hilal, Senior Vice President of Retail Marketing Technology Company bluecoresaid consumers can expect more opportunities to shop from home, branded pop-up events and showcases where customers can interact with products.

He added, “New options like [buy online, pickup in store], extended return windows, free change, waived shipping fees, and online exclusives will all be more available to shoppers this season.”

shipping and reduction

As millions of Americans prepare to get ahead of their holiday shopping, retail experts say shipping delays and supply shortages are imminent.

Retailers get creative in supply chain crunch ahead of holiday demand

“With shipping delays, there will be products that will simply become unavailable as Christmas approaches,” said Gretel Going, founder of the company. fate and frame A personal jewelery company. “Heavy items like TVs, furniture, tables and rugs are going to be the worst hit by shipping bottlenecks. Smaller categories like personal belongings and jewelry will not see the same disruption because of airplane-to-ship capacity.”

She adds, retailers will likely have discounted items in stock for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, but this is going to be a challenge “as supplies run short.”

Paul Magal, President of Business Applications CGS (Computer Generated Solutions), said there is a “strong holiday season” in the apparel and footwear sectors, but meeting demand will not be an easy task.

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He shared, “Currently, many retailers are short on inventory and do not have fixed dates to restore their shelves. Holiday shoppers will struggle with inventory shortages and high costs.” “Supply chains are interconnected and complex – whether it is a blockage in the Suez Canal, a fire in a chemical factory or a pandemic shutdown, when any link in that chain is disrupted, the effects can be felt globally. could.”

To try and mitigate the effects of shipping delays and supply shortages, Hilal said a direct-to-consumer brand can be a helpful option during the busy holiday season.

In his words, “It will be beneficial for the consumers to explore new brands this season which may not be exclusive to them.”

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