Chris Daughtry’s wife clears up ‘homicide’ rumors about daughter’s death


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Hannah Price was found dead last Friday at her home in Nashville, Tennessee

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Chris Doughty’s wife is talking about rumors that their daughter’s death is being investigated as a homicide.

Doughty’s stepdaughter Hannah Marie Price was found dead last Friday at her home in Nashville, Tennessee. She was 25 years old. Initial reports speculated that Hannah’s death was a homicide, but District Attorney Jared Effler dismissed the claims this week, calling her work a “death investigation and any attempt to classify it as a murder investigation at this time.” premature and irresponsible.”


On Friday, Doughty’s wife Deena also attempted to dispel the rumors in a lengthy Instagram post in which she shared how devastated she was by their daughter’s passing.

“There’s news floating around that we said our daughters’ deaths were being investigated as a homicide! We weren’t told and never told anyone! The day Hannah was found, I did something Had shared some concerns with people and said we won’t know anything for sure until they complete the investigation. Somebody took him and ran away with him or they talked to someone else, who again Made the assumption and went with it to the press. Neither of us can jump to conclusions,” wrote Dina.

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DA says death of Chris’s step-daughter hasn’t decided murder yet, no arrests made

The heartbroken mother further added that calling someone a murderer before knowing all the facts is “wrong on every level.”

“If you have information that you think the police should know about then tell them and let them do their job. I have lost my child and I now have to deal with the rumors and assumptions about him as well. Joe People love him. They’re in pain and we’re mourning they’re not talking to the press, they’re not spreading rumors and they sure as hell aren’t making this up about themselves. So everyone please Just stop! Let the investigating officers do their job and please remember snippets of someone’s life doesn’t define who they really are as a person,” her post continues.

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Deanna said she was experiencing “the deepest emotional pain I’ve ever been in”. She said that just because her husband is in the public eye “doesn’t mean it’s okay to do that.”

He thanked those who are sending family prayers.

Doughty was set to perform in New Jersey last Friday, but the band has postponed future tour dates, A. According to Statement Posted on Facebook.

Hannah and her brother, 23-year-old Griffin, are Dinah’s children from a previous marriage. According to the New York Post, Doughty and Deena are also biological parents to 10-year-old twins Adeline Rose and Noah James.

Doughty has postponed the rest of his band's tour dates as the investigation into Hannah's death is ongoing.

Doughty is best known for finishing fourth on the fifth season of the singing competition series “American Idol” and has since been nominated for four Grammys. His band recently released their sixth studio album.

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