Chilling audio reveals last moments of San Diego airplane crash: ‘Climb immediately’


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At least two people died in the accident and several houses were destroyed

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Chilling audio between the pilot of a plane that crashed Monday in California and air traffic control reveals moments of intense alarm and perceived disorientation.

“Looks like you’re getting out of the way. Are you doing it right?” an air traffic controller Dr. Sugata Das, an Arizona cardiologist and pilot of the fatal flight, is heard asking.


The Air Traffic Controller became more specific with his orders to Das.

San Diego plane crash: At least 2 dead, including cardiologist

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“Low altitude warning. Climb immediately. Get on the plane. Maintain 5,000. Accelerate the climb. Please get on the plane.”

The controller continued to urge the pilot to climb 5,000 feet as the plane was about 1,500 feet above the ground.

The air traffic controller said again, “Sir, you seem to be landing again.”

The audio was obtained by KUSI News in California, and appears to match Audio being broadcast on YouTube. The FAA could not comment on the legality of the audio on YouTube when contacted by Granthshala News, and noted that the NTSB would release it at a later date.

The twin-engined Cessna was on its way from Yuma, Arizona, to San Diego, but eventually crashed into a sane neighborhood, killing a slave. A UPS truck also hit the plane, the driver died, UPS confirmed

A certified flight instructor believes Das was distracted before the crash, adding that the track log shows the plane accidentally descended and climbed before crashing.

“I believe the pilot was completely disoriented,” Robert Katz, a certified flight instructor told CBS8.

San Diego newlyweds lose home, complete remodeling in plane crash

“He doesn’t know which way is up and he’s just along for the ride. And unfortunately there’s someone else on that plane,” Katz said.

Residents of the San Diego neighborhood said the accident left the area in what looked like a “war zone.”

“I can’t even believe it,” said Jim Slough, the son of the homeowners whose property was destroyed, Granthshala 5. told, compare it to “a war zone”. “I don’t know how you’re going to rebuild after this. I’m just sitting here wondering what we need to do next.”

Another house that was renovated by the newlyweds was also destroyed by accident.

Brenna King, the sister of one of the newlyweds, said, “They just redone yesterday.” “It could have been different, we’re really lucky.”

Both the FAA and NTSB are investigating the accident.

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