Chelsea Handler packs on PDA with new boyfriend Jo Koy in Instagram photos


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Page Six exclusively confirmed that the two comedians were dating on September 21.

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Chelsea Handler and Joe Coy took their relationship to the next level.

46 year old comedian new photos shared Joe was very touching about himself and boyfriend Joe Coe on Monday.


While one photo shows Handler holding her fellow comedian from behind, another caught them kissing passionately while wrapped in each other’s arms.

“He’s on tour, I’m on tour, sometimes we travel together,” Handler captioned the set of photos.

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Chelsea Handler calls Sarkar. Andrew Cuomo spotted her after agreeing to a date

page six specifically Two comedians confirmed Were dating on September 21.

The couple spent Sunday in NYC with Coy, whose real name is Joseph Glenn Herbert, in a video on his Instagram story mocking Handler for ordering four drinks at lunch.

“Look at this,” he says, walking away from Handler to her row of full glasses, before encouraging her girl to tell the camera what she’s drinking.

“It’s a virgin thing. It doesn’t contain alcohol,” she said, explaining that she’s on her seventh day of a 30-day alcohol cleanse. “It doesn’t contain alcohol, but I like the liquid.”

The couple later went to Brooklyn for a stand-up performance of Coe at the King’s Theatre. Coe recorded his reaction to see Markey’s note that his show was “sold out” and that Handler was proudly cheering his “baby” in the background.

Handler first revealed that she was in a relationship by posting a photo of herself visiting Mallorca and sharing that she was “finally in love” with “the best kind of guy”, though she did share with her longtime friend Koi. did not recognize him as his man in those days.

However, rumors of a romance between the two funny people had already spread after the spot indulge in some PDA At a Dodgers game in late August.

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