Charlie Daniels’ death has left a ‘gigantic hole’ in lives of friends, loved ones, former manager says


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The country singer passed away in 2020 at the age of 83

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A year after the death of country music legend Charlie Daniels, the musician’s prized organization, the Journey Home Project, continues its efforts to honor Daniels’ legacy by helping veterans transition back to civilian life.

Daniels’ longtime best friend and manager of 47 years, David Corlev, told Granthshala News that after Daniels passed away in July 2020 at the age of 83, the organization was renamed after the Grammy-winning crooner and Charlie Daniels. was included. The Journey Home Project had received more donations than ever before, giving the nonprofit the momentum to distribute more to veterans than ever before.


Corlev said he was 23 when he went to work for Daniels in 1973. Now 71, Roddy and Righthand have spent their entire adult lives with Daniels and the Foundation. Therefore

“I know he was very proud of the work we were doing and appreciated the work we were doing, so knowing that I was carrying a kind of flame, so to speak for him,” Corlev said. Explained. “Obviously we can never take Charlie’s place but what we can do is continue to carry that spirit and the things he wanted to achieve.”

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Corlev even noted that Daniels’ widow, Hazel Daniels, often asks for minute-by-minute updates as to how primed the organization is to give so many soldiers and women who are provided by the Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project. You can make great use of the benefits.

“Charlie’s absence has left this huge hole because there were 26 employees and I would say 75% of those employees had been with Charlie over the 25 years,” he explained, to everyone who has known Danielle all these years. And loved, a huge void has been left not only within the organization but also in their hearts.

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Meanwhile, Corlev reported that Hazel is “acting as expected,” when asked how she was getting on in the year after Danielle’s death.

“I mean, they had been married for 58 years. They were never apart,” he continued. “After Charlie Jr. graduated high school 35, 36 years ago, Charlie and Hazel were inseparable. They traveled together. She’s active on board. We did our tribute concert here in Nashville, and she came and staged But sat down and saw all the actors.”

“Based on the fact that she’s spent every living day by his side for the past 58 years, I think she’s doing fine. She’s doing her best,” he said. “I don’t think she’ll ever fully recover from it, but who will? We all have those people in our lives who are unfathomable even to think about not being a part of our lives. So when you basically unplug something do like that and feel your best friend, your mentor, your partner, your brother [has died]It’s a pain that’s not going to go away that easily.”

27, the organization is set to host its first Patriot Awards dinner since Daniels’ death at Nashville’s City Winery.

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Corlev stated that Daniels chose each recipient before he died—thus the extravaganza held in Nashville, Tennessee, is given even greater importance given the close association with Daniels’ final wishes.

Fellow country standout Darryl Varley, decorated military veteran and co-author of “13 Hours,” Mark “Oz” Geist, honored Cindy Daniels of the Daniels Center and firearms manufacturers Marty and Daniel Defense at Middle Tennessee State University as recipients Will go Patriot Award for working directly with and with veterans at home and abroad.

Country star Chris Young, a past recipient of the Patriot Award, is also set to perform live at the event.

“We had this conversation before and it was one of the reasons we created the Charlie Daniels Patriot Award because we felt there was a lot of foundation in the name itself – the Journey Home project would continue,” Corlev said.

“I can’t think of anyone with a love of country and a love for veterans who wouldn’t be honored with a Charlie Daniels Patriot Award, so I figured the Patriot Award would overtake them, overtake me, overtake the foundation.” Because I just think Charlie himself being a great patriot, it would be a proud moment to be honest,” he continued.

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“With Charlie’s passing, obviously, we have people reaching out and donating and like-minded people who want to keep it going because Charlie did a great job. Charlie was doing a great job,” Corrieu he said. “In his heart, he just loved the Giants, he loved playing for them. He loved raising money for them and he loved spending time with them. His famous saying was, ‘There are two things that make up the United States of America’. protect. Evil, and he is the United States Army and Almighty God. So Charlie was a big believer in the community of veterans, no doubt about it.”

Corlev also revealed that he and the Daniels team recently discovered never-before-heard music from the artist’s collection of “Devils Went Down to Georgia” that they will continue to release.

“We’ve found some music in the vault that no one has ever heard of, so we’re going to continue to release music, keep very much of its name alive,” Corlev said. This is really the tragedy of rock and roll. It’s a tough road to spend 150 to 200 nights a year away from home and away from your family. That’s why I think ex-servicemen and anyone has to leave home to fulfill their mission to serve – be it a job, army. And so your heart should be light. You have to have some kind of humor in your life so that you can get where you want to go.”

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