Channing Tatum wades into Dave Chappelle controversy: ‘He has hurt so many people’


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‘Magic Mike’ actor defends Chappelle amid controversy over his Netflix special ‘The Closer’

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Channing Tatum voluntarily entered the controversial debate surrounding Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix standup special, “The Closer.”

The 48-year-old comedian has been criticized by many in the LGBTQ+ community for his comments about transgender people. On Sunday, the “21 Jump Street” actor took to his Instagram Story to get into the controversy. She began by highlighting the “hurt” Chappelle has caused the transgender community with her comments, while also noting that artists like her are capable of making a positive impact.


“I understand that Dave is a very dangerous person to talk to at the moment. I understand and hate that he has hurt so many people with what he said,” Tatum began.

The 41-year-old said: “Any human can hurt someone (usually they get hurt) but any human can heal and heal others. This little piece healed me back in the day . I can’t forget it.”

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Michael Jackson accusers respond to Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special where the star says he doesn’t believe her

the words of the star came along A repost of comedian DL Hughley who shared a clip of Chappelle’s 2019 speech at the Kennedy Center while accepting the Mark Twain Award for American Humor, according to Yahoo Entertainment.

In the clip, Chappelle discusses how his mother’s few words of wisdom turned him into standup comedy.

“I was a soft kid,” the comedian says in the clip. “I was sensitive, I cried easily and I was afraid to be punched. My mother used to tell me this… ‘Son, sometimes you have to be a lion so you can be the lamb you really are’ Be.’ I do this like a lion. I’m not afraid of any of you. When it comes to talking, I’ll talk to the best of them, so that I can calm down and be me.

Dave Chappelle’s Netflix Special Facing Cancellation Leaves Critics After Trans comments

“And that’s why I love my art form, because I understand every practitioner of it. Whether I agree with them or not, I know where they’re coming from. They want to be heard. They have something to say There is something they saw. They just want to understand. I liked the style. It saved my life.”

The “Magic Mike” star ended her post by writing: “Nothing hurtful, to be clear.”

One of the jokes in “The Closer” that upset people was the comedian defending “Harry Potter” writer JK Rowling, who had previously made remarks exempting transgender women from conversations about feminism. The author was criticized as “TERF”, an acronym for “Trans-Exclusive Radical Feminist”.

“They view transgender women the way we see blacks in blackface,” Chappelle explains. “They go ‘Oh, this B—- is making an impression on me!’”

That’s when Chappelle proudly announced that he also identified as “TERF”.

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