Chaffetz slams Big Tech ‘gods’ over bias after Politico confirmed Hunter Biden laptop story as true


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Politico confirmation of Hunter Biden laptop material prompts criticism of Big Tech for earlier suppression of story

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Granthshala News contributor Jason Chaffetz in “America’s Newsroom” Wednesday big tech The “gods” on the bias turned true after Politico confirmed Hunter Biden’s laptop story, which was quickly suppressed by Big Tech.

Political confirmation of Hunter Biden laptop material prompts criticism of earlier suppression of story


Jason Chafetz: Hey, Politico, welcome to the game, folks. Glad you tried to catch up months and months later.

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This is an interesting question for Twitter. If they won’t allow you to repost something that originally appeared in the “New York Post” and what not, why is it okay now? It is this anomaly of social media that is so disgusting. It is Hunter Biden’s laptop and you can cross reference and triangulate it to understand that it is his laptop.

God on Facebook and Twitter… they have to decide. This is fundamentally wrong and needs to be changed.

Watch full video below:

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