Celebrities react to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s victory in his recall election


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Stars like Alyssa Milano, Mark Hamill and others expressed their support for Newsom

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Celebrities who backed Gavin Newsom recently took to Twitter to react to his big win on Tuesday amid the recall election in California.

The majority of Californians have not voted against Newsom’s removal from office – the first in a recall election for Democratic governor. Putting an end to conservative talk radio host Larry Elder’s hopes of overtaking his seat.


Newsom, who was heavily elected governor in 2018 in the heavily blue state, is facing a recall drive last year primarily over allegations he mishandled his state’s response to the coronavirus, a It was the worst pandemic to strike the world in a century.

He was heavily endorsed in the recall election by Hollywood celebrities, many of whom started posting the election results on social media.

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Larry Elder shrugs off LA Times column that calls him the black face of white supremacy

“Thank you for your leadership in the Golden State, Governor @GavinNewsom! Today every reasonable Californian will avoid electing a wonderfully inept radio talk-show host and tRump-wannabe by overwhelmingly rejecting the Republican recall,” Written by “Star Wars” actor Mark Hamley.

“Heard: the vote was so one-sided, it’s basically Elder Abuse,” “Star Trek” star George Tekius wrote, making fun of the Elder.

“Oh, and now can we put this “remembering” notion to bed forever?” Elijah Wood added.

[email protected] remains our governor! No “votes” were even counted for @larryelder. There was no need,” Written by “Community” actress Yvette Nicole Brown.

Liberal media largely ignores the egg attack on Black Calif. GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder

“Hey @larryelder I dare you – to say this loss by 30%+ was rigged. Just go for it, Homeslice. Ride that train to Crazytown and what not,” George Wallace added.

“Congratulations to Governor @GavinNewsom and First Partner Newsom. Glad it’s behind California. Now let’s move forward together,” Written by Maria Shriver.

“I’m loving what I’ve been hearing so far. If things continue like this, big win for Newsom. And big kicks – for Trumpism,” Written by Rob Rayner.

“Dear Newsom: It Doesn’t Mean We Like You It Means We Like Our Kids,” Still dissatisfied wrote Devon Sawa.

“Congratulations Gov. Gavin Newsom and your grand victory! You crushed it. Another great loss for Trump and the Republicans. The American people want these disgusting idiots for nothing. Gavin – keep moving California! Your state progressive Leader!” Filmmaker Michael Moore wrote.

“Congratulations to Governor Gavin Newsom and First Partner Jennifer Seibel Newsom on their massive election victories. This is the “radical change” we need: keeping the inept Trump clone out of office, regardless of who supports them. Couple actress and activist Alyssa Milano.

Meanwhile, Questlove commented on the huge tax spending that goes into recalling the election.

“But even WTF with all the tax money wasted on this spectacle of a memory. It keeps happening and keeps happening?” he has written.

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