Car insurance premiums: The most expensive cities for parents of teen drivers


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San Francisco parents experience 169% increase in car insurance policies when teen drivers add

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Adding a novice driver to your auto insurance plan is sure to increase the price you pay — but in some US cities, it can cost parents more money.

Two parents who add a 16-year-old to their full-coverage auto insurance policy in 2021 could see their premiums increase by an average of $2,531 annually. Bank rate. In percentage terms, the most expensive metropolitan areas for connecting teens are San Francisco and Los Angeles.


The average annual cost of full-coverage insurance for married couples in San Francisco is $2,281. That figure rises to $6,127 once teens are added to the equation – a whopping 169% increase. These skyrocketing rates may be due to the cost of living of San Francisco, which is the second highest in the US, according to the Council for Community and Economic Research. San Francisco has also been ranked as the 10th worst city to drive by USA Today.

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In Los Angeles, where the cost of living and traffic levels are similar to San Francisco, the annual average rate for a married couple rises from $2,655 to $7,026—a 165% increase—when a 16- Year-old drivers are added to their full-coverage auto insurance policy.

San Diego, with an increase of 161%, is the third most expensive city for parents with teen drivers. The average annual car insurance rate increases from $1,818 to $4,739 when a teen is added to their parent’s policy. USA Today ranked San Diego the sixth-worst city to drive in, with reports of poor and congested roadways.

Boston ranks as the number 4 city on Bankrate’s list. The average annual car insurance cost for a married couple in the Massachusetts capital is $1,599, which increases to $3,917 when a teen is added to the policy – a 145% increase. Bankrate ranked the city eighth in terms of cost of living.

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Coming in at No. 5 is Phoenix, where parents pay an average of 138% more for car insurance when they add a teen to the policy. Prices increase from $1,849 to $4,406 annually.

The cheapest city on the list is Washington, D.C., with a 96% increase when parents add a teen to their car insurance. The average annual rate is $3,573.

Detroit (102%), Minneapolis (107%) and the Missouri cities of Kansas City (109%) and St. Louis (111%) are also among the least expensive cities for parents to add teens to their car insurance.

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