California police release video of dine and dash suspects who allegedly shot at restaurant worker


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Walnut Creek Police release clip of man and woman allegedly leaving a restaurant without paying

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California police released surveillance footage showing two suspects eating out of a restaurant and before firing several rounds at a street-facing worker accused of dashing.

Two video clips released Tuesday by the Walnut Creek Police Department showed a man and woman getting up from their tables at 8:40 p.m., allegedly without paying their bills, inside a Modern China restaurant on September 5.


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Police said the woman first exited the restaurant and retrieved her black Kia Optima, which had limo tinted windows and damaged the passenger side door panel, before proceeding to pick up the man. A restaurant worker followed the man across the street to face him, and then the man paid in cash.

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After making the payment, the male suspect allegedly held a gun to the passenger side of the vehicle and fired three shots as the car was driving away, police said. As the confrontation ensued, the woman, who police say was the stampede driver, was shouting at the man to hurry up and get into the car.

Police said no one was injured or injured in the firing.

The male suspect is described as a black male adult, wearing a blue Dodgers hat, white T-shirt and blue jeans, and has unidentified tattoos on his left arm. The female suspect is described as a white, heavy female adult with long brown or blonde hair and an unidentified tattoo on her upper left arm.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Detective Hall at 925-943-5899 x2405.

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