California police employee on leave for hateful posts that included support for shooting cops, authorities say


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The FBI investigation was brought to the attention of the Police Department on October 14.

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A Northern California Police Department employee has been arrested on weapons charges and placed on administrative leave following an FBI investigation that he posted hateful posts on a website purporting to shoot police officers, officials said Friday. Support is included.

Police Chief Anthony Mata said during a news conference that Denis Shevchenko, 40, works as a community service officer, but does not have the power to arrest. Shevchenko has been working in the department since 2012.


The FBI informed the police department about its investigation on October 14, and Shevchenko was arrested that night in the line of duty, Mata said.

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“This incident is unfortunate, and I am deeply disappointed that an employee of our organization harbored and spread these hateful messages,” Mata told reporters.

Mata said investigators seized several firearms and other items during a search of Shevchenko’s home. Shevchenko is charged with possessing a concealed firearm, an assault weapon, and a concealed dagger or dagger.

Officials said he also allegedly brought a firearm to the police station and kept it in his locker.

Shevchenko’s status as a non-sworn employee means that he is not allowed to carry a gun. Their duties include assisting patrols, reporting officer intakes, responding to traffic accidents, and directing traffic.

The police chief said his alleged online posts contained messages of a “political nature” related to violence and threats. The chief said it was not clear whether Shevchenko was involved in the January 6 riots at the US Capitol.

Mata said new recruits and existing employees are scrutinized for like-mindedness.

Mother said that Shevchenko would be on paid administrative leave until the results of the investigation.

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