California parents, teachers plan statewide walkout to protest school vaccine mandate


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Parents and teachers react after Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom introduces new rules on October 1

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According to reports, California parents and teachers who oppose school vaccine mandates are planning a statewide walkout on Monday.

News about the planned protest has spread on social media, with organizers suggesting that parents kick their children out of school and that teachers and staff supporting the protest stay at home.


California became the first state to mandate vaccination or coronavirus testing for eligible children to attend individual classes in government and private schools. Study. Medical and personal beliefs are exempt.

Teachers and staff are also required to be vaccinated or presented for testing.

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The mandate currently affects students in grades 7-12. People 12 years of age and older are eligible for the vaccine.

California prison worker vaccine mandate put on hold by judge

One Twitter flyer said, “Parents and concerned citizens are taking action against the forcible COVID-19 vaccine mandate for our children in state schools across CA. We are proud of our children’s physical autonomy as parents.” demanding the choice of the father.” patch.

Oak Run Elementary in Shasta County plans to cancel classes on Monday because of the protest, KRCR-TVCR in Redding, Calif., reported.

A letter from the school to families reportedly said, “Parents, teachers, and students across America will engage in peaceful non-compliance activities to remind government officials that individuals need to be protected against their health.” Have the final say about it.”

Residents held a rally in Redding on Friday against the mandate, with slogans such as “My Body, My Choice,” “Teach Freedom,” “Stop the Mandate” and “Support Parent’s Choice”. .

This order has come into effect from Friday.

“I am fighting for freedom here. I want to see freedom for health workers. I want to see freedom for teachers,” said Amy Curantez, a doctor and mother of five. record searchlight Newspaper on Friday in Redding.

Protester Katie Gorman told the newspaper the planned walkout was just the beginning. “We can move forward and we can finally take our rights and our responsibilities to educate our children and we can do that as a community.”

No estimate was made of the size of the statewide walkout, but word spread throughout the state, from northern to southern California.

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