‘Cake Boss’ star Buddy Valastro says he’s 95 percent recovered from gruesome hand injury last year


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The ‘Cake Boss’ star’s hand was caught in a bowling pinscher last year

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Cake boss, Buddy Valastro, is almost 100% back with his right arm after suffering a horrific injury almost a year ago.

The Food Network star was imprisoned after being caught in a bowling pincutter, a representative for his company confirmed to Granthshala News at the time. His spokesman said a fault in a pinsetter, which in the past was an easy fix, caused Valestro’s arm to become trapped and compressed inside the machine.


The injury resulted in at least five surgeries that helped the man who survives decorate elaborate cakes using his hands to regain his mobility. Now, speaking on “The Rachel Ray Show” a year after the tragic accident, Valestro is proud to announce that he has recovered almost 95%.

“I’d say about 95%, I’d say we’re about 95%, which, if it’s as good as it’s going to get, Rachel, I’ll take it,” he told the host.

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‘Cake Boss’ star Buddy Valastro reveals he underwent third surgery to repair his injured hand

As he spoke, Buddy was showing how far he had come by actively decorating a giant three-tier cake. Celebrity Baker explained that, although the pain and recovery were difficult, she was amazed at how far medical science was able to take her in such a short time. He also goes on to refer to the last year as “an amazing ride.”

“You know, it’s definitely been an amazing ride and, you know, the fact that I’m still able to do what I love. Like, last season of ‘Buddy vs Duff’ doing it Amazing fact that I still could do it,” he asked the host to do the latest season of his competition show.

‘Cake Boss’ star friend Valestro involved in ‘horrible’ bowling accident

It is truly a medical miracle that Valestro is able to easily decorate a cake with his hand after an injury. After her hand was stuck in the pincutter, a 1½-inch metal rod slowly and repeatedly poked her hand between her ring and middle fingers three times, the spokesperson explained to Granthshala News at the time.

He could not remove his hand even after more than five minutes had elapsed. His son cut them with a machine-free saw, which he used to cut with metal rods. He has been very open about his recovery since then, sharing every move with his fans on social media. In December, he appeared in the TLC special “Buddy Valestro: Road to Recovery”.

At the time, he described his hand as being only “15%” in terms of strength and showed how difficult it was for him to decorate the cake at the time, something the seasoned baker has been doing at an expert level for years. However, when he made these remarks, he only had three surgeries. It is not clear if he will need more as he is recovering.

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