Buzz Lightyear recast with Chris Evans over Tim Allen, fans wonder if politics ‘had something to do with it’


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‘Toy Story’ spin-off will tell the story of the man who inspired the toys in the original films

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Nearly three decades after he first hit the big screen, Buzz Lightyear will once again be the subject of a Pixar film.

This time, however, the character will be voiced by Marvel star Chris Evans.


In 1995, comedian Tim Allen voiced the fiction space explorer in toy form for “Toy Story”. He would also reprise the role for several sequels and short films.

In Disney Pixar’s “Lightyear,” however, Evans will play the man who inspired the toy.

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While the differences between the characters themselves are subtle, fans of the films have noted the reworkings—particularly the political differences between the two actors, with Evans known for liberal ideals while Allen is one of Hollywood’s outspoken conservatives.

“So glad Tim Allen isn’t voicing Buzz Lightyear. His political beliefs will negatively affect kids who watch the movie and think he’s 90 anyway,” One Twitter user said. “Sorry, not sorry. Chris Evans is a perfect fit.”

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Rumors have spread that Allen, now 68, was never considered for a prequel role.

“Tim Allen is not a reason to spoil political views here,” wrote another After the teaser for “Lightear” dropped on Wednesday.

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However, others found enough differences between the characters to justify reworking.

“Tim Allen Toy is Buzz Lightyear and Chris Evans is voicing the man the toy is based on… Why is this becoming a political debate #Lightyear,” a fan said.

“The Buzz Lightyear that Tim Allen played was a toy that wasn’t a real man, he was a complete joke of his character in Toy Story, Chris Evans is paying the actual Buzz Lightyear, so not a single character – all Nothing political.” emphasis on other.

This time, however, the character will be voiced by Marvel star Chris Evans.

The Titanic astronaut suits up and goes to outer space for a new adventure in the teaser.

The clip has very little dialogue from anyone, including Evans. His character is seen saying only one word in the clip: “And.”

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