Business owner says Nashville should be ‘thankful’ as bachelorette parties flock back to the city


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A report estimates that there will be around 25 lakh marriages in 2022.

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marriage The season is among us and business is booming Nashville, Tennessee Because it emerges as a hot spot for bachelorette parties.

After a year of financial burdens and restrictions as a result of the COVID pandemic, Nashville businesses are seeing tourists flock back to the vibrant city known for its country music scene and eclectic nightlife. A typical crowd among the visitors are the soon-to-be brides and their accompanying brides.


“It’s not tradition, it’s not corporate business. It’s a bachelorette party,” Grant Rosenblatt, owner of Honky Tonk Party Express, told Granthshala Business’s Madison Alworth.

90% of wedding guests planning to attend events after pandemic isolation

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As wedding planning resumes across the country, the city has seen a boom in the party bus company business among other tourist attractions.

“Coming back means everything,” Rosenblatt said. “It means everything to the city of Nashville, a tourism business like me, Honky Tonk Party Express, be the beneficiary of the graduates coming to this city,” he said.

According to marriage report, ns we After wreaking havoc on the industry last year, 2022 is expected to see 2.5 million weddings.

Rosenblatt said COVID had “nearly destroyed” his business as festivities came to a halt and the once vibrant city fell flat.

“In 2020 they [brides] stripped of everything, their bachelorette party, their wedding,” Rosenblatt said, noting that most brides “want to celebrate a year.”

But what is it about Nashville that attracts bridal parties? Is it cheap airfare and cheap price? While those suggestions may be true, Rosenblatt expressed that it is only because of his “love” for the city.

“Nashville should be very grateful that we have such a huge influx of these bachelorette parties. These girls love Nashville,” Rosenblatt said.

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