Bud Light Seltzer announces egg nog flavored holiday drink


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The pack of the 2021 Ugly Sweater variety will include an egg nog-flavored drink

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Each Christmas season, families across the country break eggs. The popular holiday drink can be mixed with many other flavorings, including alcohol.

This year, though, Bud Light is trying something new by adding an egg nog.Flavored Hard-Seltzer in Your 2021 Ugly Sweater Pack


according to a Press releaseThis year, a variety of holiday-themed flavors will be featured, including seltzer nog. The pack will also include Sugar Plum, Cherry Cordial and Cranberry Flavored Seltzer.

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Andy Goyler, Bud Light’s Vice President of Marketing, said, “With our core focus on innovation and flavor, Bud Light continues to bring ‘The Loudest Flavors’ to the seltzer industry with great-tasting products that give fans the perfect fit for every occasion. seltzer. Launching its first Ugly Sweater pack last year to rave reviews, there was no doubt we’re going to bring it back this year, adding new, festive flavors to fans this holiday season. Will help make it even more memorable and fun.”

The Egg Nog flavored drink is described as having “sweet cinnamon and vanilla flavors” infused with “bubbles of seltzer”.

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Bud Light debuted the Ugly Sweater Pack as part of their hard seltzer line-up last Christmas. All flavors are new in this year’s edition, except for Cranberry Hard Seltzer, which was also included in last year’s pack.

The pack, which includes 12 slim cans, will be available from November 1.

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