Britney Spears will ‘be primed to have great success’ should she choose to revive her music career: expert


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Branding expert Eric Schiffer says the ‘Toxic’ singer can take almost any path she likes

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Now he Britney Spears‘ Father is Jamie was suspended from his role as his mentorFans are struggling to know if the pop star will release more music.

Spears, now 39 years old, was the head of pop music for nearly two decades before exiting the industry.


His debut album dropped in 1999, and his most recent was released in late 2016, though his “Piece of Me” residency in Las Vegas expanded in 2017. She was set to launch another residency in 2019, but suddenly canceled the show and did not perform. live from.

Recently there was a report that Spears not very interested in performing again Even if their conservatism is taking a positive turn. But his fiancée Sam Ashgari also said that was confident she would return to the stage.

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Branding expert Eric Schiffer told Granthshala Business that it would be a “good idea” for Spears to take the stage again when she’s “psychologically” ready, at which point, “she has a big time resuming her music career.” It will be a success as the saga garnered massive global attention to find its freedom.”

He continued: “In music, success is built largely on your ability to stay connected in the heart and psyche of your audience.”

With a career like Spears, she has a lot of options when it comes to restarting her career. After publicly breaking up in 2007 and establishing Conservatism in 2008, he took a few years off before releasing more music.

They embarked on a tour in 2009 and again in 2011, releasing the album “Femme Fatale”, which included two new hits – “Til the World Ends” and “Hold It Against Me”.

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Her 2013 album, “Britney Jean”, was also considered a comeback for Starr, adding “Perfume” and “Work B—H” to her list of hits.

Also in 2013 was his first Vegas residency, “Piece of Me”, which complicated his return and continued for another decade after building his success as an icon in the late 1990s and early 2000s. cemented his position as a star of the music industry. .

Schiffer said that when and if Spears chooses to jump back into the music game, she should take whatever “feels best and healthiest” for her. Spears canceled her 2019 Vegas residency after needing time to relax outside the spotlight, it has been reported.

“Since it’s a new single, album or tour, the public has built an even deeper emotional connection to her close personal struggles and is ready to reward her next career move,” Schiffer explained.

In particular, the singer faces some obstacles to reignite her career, such as fighting speculation that every song, every dance move and every artistic choice is somehow her father, her mentor and the people associated with her. is a reference to.

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“There will be people who will be surprised but that is not going to stop his success,” said the expert. “Indeed, sharing his struggles can help close both for him and for his fans, who followed him closely through the twists and turns of his story.”

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