Britney Spears ‘broke into tears’ after judge ruled father Jamie would be suspended as conservator: report


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Certified Public Accountant John Zabel to take over as temporary custodian immediately

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Britney Spears was overwhelmed with emotion after learning about her father Jamie Spears suspended by him guardianship 13 years later.

A source exclusively told Page Six of the superstar’s reaction, “Britney burst into tears after hearing the judge’s decision.” “For the longest time, she thought she would never see the day when her father’s domination over every single aspect of her life would end, but it finally happened.”


The insider added, “She is in shock and at a loss for words but literally jumping for joy. She hasn’t felt this kind of happiness in 13 years.”

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penney acknowledged that it was in Britney’s “best interest” to suspend 69-year-old Jamie from the restrictive legal system established in 2008 to handle the personal, medical and financial affairs of her famous daughter.

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Britney Spears’ father Jamie suspended from guardianship, judge rules

After hearing the arguments of both the sides, he said, “The current situation is unstable.” “It reflects a toxic environment that required the suspension of James Spears.”

The decision comes after the 39-year-old singer’s lawyer Matthew Rosengart Petitioned in court to suspend Jamie “immediately” From the role until Wednesday, arguing that the elder Spears’ continued involvement made Britney’s life a living “nightmare.”

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While that works to dissolve the stereotype altogether, Rosengart told the court Appoint Certified Public Accountant John Zabel As temporary custodian of Brittany’s $60 million estate. Despite resistance from Jamie’s legal team, Penny agreed to Zabel’s appointment on Wednesday.

A few days before Penny decides to suspend Jamie – Delighting Brittany and her army of supporters – Rosengart cited a New York Times report alleging that Jamie hired a private security company to record his daughter’s private conversations, In which his lawyer and his were present in the bedroom.

Years before the #FreeBritney movement began, Britney was struggling to regain control of her life.

Why hearing Britney Spears’ upcoming stereotype could be important to the singer

During a landmark court testimony on June 23, the Grammy winner described her stereotype as “outrageous.” She later said that she wanted to see Jamie charged with “stereotypical abuse.”

Britney’s fiancé Sam Asghari, after the news of Jamie’s suspension broke, took to Instagram to wish his fans On the result of his efforts to free the pop icon.

Certified Public Accountant John Zabel will immediately take over as the temporary custodian of these stars.

“Free Britney!” The 27-year-old model/actor later wrote on her story, “She did it. Her fan base is called Sena for a reason.”

He also uploaded a picture of himself and Brittany holding a pink rose together, hero Sparkling Forever Diamonds Engagement Ring on full display.

On his grid, Asgari shared an image of “Lioness” – his nickname for Brittany – with the following caption: “The power of the lioness!!!!!”

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