Brian Laundrie’s parents face potential legal consequences: Mark Geragos


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Renowned lawyer questions timeline provided by parents of laundry

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Renowned criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos said Brian Laundry’s family could now face legal consequences in certain circumstances, as authorities search the remains of the 23-year-old deceased.

NS FBI It was confirmed on Thursday that the remains recovered from Mayakahachi Creek Environmental Park in North Port, Florida were indeed from the laundry, after comparing dental records.


“Based on what we know so far … the only risk, the potential liability, would be either after a federal warrant was issued or, if he was a fugitive, some assistance was given,” Geragos told Granthshala News. Meaning that Laundry’s parents could likely only be charged with a crime for actions they did after the US District Court of Wyoming issued a federal arrest warrant for their son.

Brian Laundry search: No discrepancy between FBI and parents on unavailable timeline, family lawyer says

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Laundry was interested in the murder of his fiancée Gabby Petito and wanted to make purchases between August 30 and September 1 with a fake debit card worth about $1,000.

The US District Court of Wyoming issued a federal warrant for Laundry’s arrest on September 23. Petito’s parents accused the laundry of “stealing” their daughter’s credit card.

Laundry and Petito were traveling cross-country in a Ford Transit van before the 22-year-old woman went missing. Laundry returned to his Florida home, where he lived with his parents and Pettito for almost a year without him on September 1. His parents say the laundry stoned them and eventually reported Petito’s disappearance on September 11.

Laundry’s parents had already held attorney Steven Bertolino with them by the time Florida police arrived at their door. The Laundries reported Brian’s disappearance on 17 September, but later clarified that he had last seen his son on 13 September.

Brian Laundry found dead, FBI confirmation remains

“In the beginning, when people were speculating that [Laundrie’s] Parents did a variety of things to help [Laundrie]”He said he was exposed,” Gregoros said of the now-deceased fugitive. “And I thought that was a lot of nonsense.”

He said that what gives him “pause,” however, is Bertolino’s statement that the Laundries notified law enforcement on Tuesday night — a day before law enforcement discovered his son’s remains — on Wednesday to search the park. about their intentions. Bertolino confirmed at the time that while exploring the areas Brian frequented, “Found some articles related to Brian.

Laundry, who claims his son went to Mykahatchi on September 13, left his northern port for the environmental park on Wednesday morning. Law enforcement soon arrived at the park, and by Wednesday afternoon, law enforcement officers had discovered some of Brian Laundry’s belongings as well as his remains.

Brian Laundry search: FBI confirms unidentified human remains, fugitive’s bag and notebook found

FBI Tampa Special Agent Michael McPherson said Thursday that laundry-related items were “found in an area that, until recently, was under water.”

Geragos questioned the timeline of events between Laundry’s parents telling law enforcement they were going to search for Brian and his belongings.

“Supposedly, within a very short period of time, they found not only a backpack and a notebook, but their remains,” the criminal defense lawyer said. “…it’s going to rekindle doubts for me as to what their involvement may or may not have been.”

“In the criminal justice system, coincidence is always bad, and it’s a very strange coincidence.”

— Mark Geragos, criminal defense attorney

He added that if he had been in the laundry position, he would “lie down on the floor” and make no further statements.

If officials believe that Laundry’s parents “did anything to assist the flight” after a Wyoming court issued a warrant for their son’s arrest, “there is a risk, potentially, Geragos said.

Additionally, if Laundry confessed to his parents “before escaping,” it could also potentially be “problematic,” Geragos said. However, such an outcome is purely speculative, the lawyer insisted.

Granthshala News’ Michael Ruiz and Stephanie Pagones contributed to this report.

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