Brian Laundrie seen buying cell phone from Florida store on day of disappearance, report says


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Brian Laundry, Gabby Petito leave for a cross-country trip together in mid-June. He returned without her on 1 September

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According to a report, Florida fugitive Brian Laundry allegedly bought a burner phone from an AT&T store in his hometown of North Port on the day his parents last saw him.

TMZ reported That Laundry was seen “with an old lady” inside one of the cell phone stores in North Port, Florida, where he was staying with his parents and his fiancée Gabby Petito, on September 14. The FBI later visited the store and confiscated footage from surveillance cameras, the report said.


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Laundry’s parents told officers three days later that he had left for the nearby T. Mabry Carlton Reserve on September 14, but had not returned home.

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Granthshala News Digital visited an AT&T store in North Port on Monday, where an employee said they could not confirm or deny that the store was where Brian was allegedly seen. The employee said that all questions should be directed to the corporate. Corporate’s requests for comment have gone unanswered.

Speaking to Granthshala News Digital on Wednesday, Steven Bertolino, a lawyer for the Laundry family, said that Laundry bought a cell phone shortly after Brian returned, but said he did not know the date of purchase.

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Bertolino confirmed that Brian Laundry had left the phone behind when he was last seen on September 14, and added that he believed the FBI had the device.

When asked why Laundries bought a new cell phone, Bertolino replied: “Sorry, I can’t guess.”

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