Brian Laundrie notebook found near remains ‘may be salvageable,’ police say


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Chris and Roberta Laundry Discover the Notebook on October 20th

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Police say Brian Laundry’s notebook, which was recovered from Mayakahatchi Creek Environmental Park on October 20, “may be salvaged.”

The FBI confirmed that a backpack and dry bag, along with other laundry-related items, arrived in an area that was previously underwater in a North Port, Florida, park, where officers found partial remains of laundry Were. same day.


When asked about the notebook’s status, Josh Taylor, a public information officer for the North Port Police Department, told Granthshala News Digital, “It looks like it can be salvaged. Although that’s really a question for the FBI.”

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The FBI said it has “no new information” to share “at this time,” but the agency will continue to post updates on Twitter as it becomes available.

Brian Laundry: Parents may have missed out on finding their son

Steven Bertolino, a lawyer for the laundry family, said he did not know what was inside the notebook, nor was the notebook inside a dry bag when Chris and Roberta Laundry searched it.

Brian Laundry search: Human remains found near Florida fugitive’s belongings in park

The 23-year-old deceased often shared pictures of his artwork, mostly done on paper, on his Instagram page. It was not clear whether the notebook recovered from the park contained any artwork or writing.

The FBI confirmed on October 21 that the partial skeletal remains recovered from the park on October 20 belonged to the laundry, based on comparisons to dental records.

Gabby Petito Massacre: Timeline of the Disappearance with Brian Laundry

Laundry was a man of interest in the disappearance and murder of his former fiancé, Gabby Petito, whose remains were recovered from Bridger-Teton National Forest in Moose, Wyoming, on September 19, after the couple spent months traveling together at the ford. Had spent The transit van which he converted into a camper.

Laundry returned to his North Port home on September 1, where he lived with both Petito and his parents. Petito was reported missing 10 days later. Laundry’s parents reported their son missing on 17 September, but later clarified that the last time they saw him was on 13 September.

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