Brian Laundrie doppelganger becomes overnight TikTok sensation


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Brian Laundry impersonator account has garnered over 746,000 likes

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A man who looks like Florida fugitive Brian Laundry has taken to TikTok to clear his name.

And the doppelganger has now gone viral overnight, garnering nearly 2 million views and over 530,000 likes since Tuesday.


unknown man who made @notbrianlaundrie account, In one clip she is seen doing laundry and seeking suggestions from other TikTokers to avoid being “attacked” for being confused with the man sought in the high-profile death of Gabby Pettito.

“I would like to put an end to all these rumours,” he said in his first post, which has garnered 1.6 million views and counting.

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Gabby Petito Case: Fighting Between Neighbors, Protesters Break Up Near Brian Laundry’s Family Home

“Quick request everyone,” he said in a follow-up post, which got even more views. Any advice on what I should say to people who think I’m Brian Laundry. Really appreciate it.

In another clip, he mourns an upcoming trip.

“I’m flying across the country tomorrow for my cousin’s wedding, and it’s a very long flight,” he said. “So if you have any tips for me on how not to be attacked or accused of being this guy, meet me. Couple it up or leave a comment.”

One commenter quipped, “Bryan would say something like that.”

Another user was not buying it and wrote, “Jokes on us.”

“It’s Brian acting like him [sic] Not Brian. You are not fooling me sir.”

Possible break in missing Wyoming man case involving father of 2 in search of Gabby Petito

In the most recent post, the unfortunate body double is seen on a plane wearing a face mask, sunglasses, with the caption, “Seriously disguise my invisible man.”

The real Brian Laundry, 23, is the subject of a massive FBI-led search in the disappearance and death of Long Island native Petito, who went missing during the couple’s cross-country trip last month.

His body was found on September 19 at a Wyoming campground, and the 22-year-old’s death has been ruled a homicide—and Laundry is a Person of Interest.

According to police, Laundry returned to his parents’ North Port, Florida, home alone on September 1 and disappeared on September 14.

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