Blake Lively slams Instagram account after it shared ‘disturbing’ photo of her and Ryan Reynolds’ daughters


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They have three daughters: James, Inez and Betty.

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An Instagram account of Blake Lively is bursting with fire after her user allegedly shared a photo of her and Ryan Reynolds’ children.

The 34-year-old “Age of Adeline” actress took to the comments section to respond to a post shared by her social media account and expressed her displeasure over the post with an image of her three daughters.


“It’s very disturbing,” commented Lively, according to people magazine. “I personally shared with you that these people chase and harass my kids. And you are still posting. You said you would stop. You promised me personally. This It’s not accidental praise. You are also exploiting very young children. Please remove. Please.”

“Some parents are okay with that,” the “Gossip Girl” alum continued. “we are not.”

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Blake Lively criticizes paparazzi after her kids ‘chased’ by on-camera men: ‘Get along in time’

After the account user trusted and deleted the photo, Betty Buzz Drinks Owner took to his Instagram story to thank those who showed support.

“Thank you to the unfollow accounts that exploit children,” he wrote. “You make all the difference. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you.”

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Lively is no stranger to standing up for the privacy of her children.

In July, she opened up about a “horrifying” paparazzi experience she had with her daughters, during which a man allegedly stalked the family and went into hiding once they saw them, as As per a screenshot was shared. Comments from Celebs Instagram account.

“You edit these images together to look like I’m waving with joy. But it’s deceiving,” Lively wrote those days. “The real story is: my kids were being chased by a man [sic] all day. jump out And then hide.”

“A stranger on the street got on words with them because it was too disturbing for her to watch,” Lively said, explaining that she attempted to “calmly contact” the photographer, who would “get out again”. before “will run” to the next block.

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“Where’s your moral here? Lively pressed.” I’d like to know. Or do you not care about the safety of the children?

She also wrote in the long diatribe that she even managed to strike a deal with some of the photos, agreeing to “leave my kids alone” as long as she took the pictures herself.

Blake Lively is no stranger to calling out social media pages that post pictures of celebrity kids.

“Please stop paying adults to hide and hunt kids,” she said angrily. “Come on. Go with the times.”

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