Bill Maher defends Dave Chappelle, knocks critics: ‘Everyone needs to Netflix and chill the f— out’


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The “Real Time” host defended a fellow comedian who has taken heat for comments about trans people in his special “The Closer.”

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“Real Time” host Bill Maher offered a strong defense of fellow comedian Dave Chappelle amid the uproar on Chappell’s Netflix special.

The streaming giant has stood behind “The Closer,” which critics have cried out as “transphobic,” based on Chappelle’s remarks endorsing J.K. Rowling in that gender, actually calling itself “Team TERF” ( Trans-Exclusive Radical Feminist). The special has caused a stir among some Netflix employees who have slammed their employer for supporting Chappelle.


During his opening monologue on Friday night, Maher began by admitting that Chappelle was in “hot water”, eliciting some grumbling from his audience.

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“What f— was that response?” Maher asked. “Everybody needs Netflix and calm the f— on this one.”

“Really? Dave’s special offensive but isn’t that show where Koreans murder each other for money?” Maher quipped, referring to the hit Netflix series “Squid Game.”

“Really? Dave’s special offensive but isn’t that show where Koreans murder each other for money?”

— Bill Mahero

He continued, “I think people jump to conclusions people haven’t seen it. Just because people call Dave ‘transphobic,’ doesn’t mean he is. Also, Larry? Real? Not the cable guy.”

Maher’s audience still seemed timid to react to his comments on the subject.

He warned them: “Okay, get used to it because we’re going to talk a lot about it here.”

“We can’t be afraid to speak up in America,” he said.

“We can’t be afraid to speak up in America.”

— Bill Mahero

Later in the panel discussion, what the HBO star described was “a true opinion” pushed by the “awake” crowd, which he insisted does not exist.

“I’m a free-speech guy,” Maher said. “Now, I’m Team Dave, but that doesn’t mean I’m anti-trans. We can have two thoughts running through our minds at the same time.”

‘power gap’

“Woke up racism” writer John McHorter responded by highlighting the urgency of challenging the idea of ​​a “power gap”, saying that anyone who does not toe the line is considered a “moral pervert” and You should be slandered and thrown out of the public square. “

Vanity Fair critic accuses Netflix of ‘gaslighting US’ over Dave Chappelle’s ‘transphobic’ special

“That’s what we’re up against,” McHorter told Maher. “So that’s why there are some people who believe that there is a truth. They think they have found the final solution. They think they are [philospher Immanuel] Kant. they are not.”

Maher then told linguist McWhorter, “Words have meaning, but no more.”

“When I hear ‘transphobic,’ there is a connotation of ‘phobic.’ Fear. If I disagree with you I’m not transphobic. It’s not hate,” Maher said. “One of the responses from someone who worked at Netflix said, ‘It’s not an argument with two sides.’ Well, you lost me right away. ‘It’s an argument with trans people who want to survive and people who don’t want us to be.’ Well, that’s ridiculous. Dave Chappelle doesn’t want you to survive.”

“When I hear ‘transphobic,’ there is a connotation of ‘phobic.’ Fear. I’m not transphobic if I only disagree with you. It’s not hate.”

— Bill Mahero

“Amen,” agreed former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

NBC News relied on 3 random Twitter users who were outraged by trans comments for Dave Chappelle’s hit piece

“You know, you’re not automatically perfect if you’re trans,” Maher continued. “You’re totally the same, you’re not perfect on your own and it’s not fair to everyone to make up their mind about so many new changes, I mean, we were boys and girls for a very long time. Only It’s been ten years – how long have we been gay, you know? I mean, talk about Democratic voters, I’m sure there’s a guy in Ohio going, ‘I just got gay married. I’m connected with, can you give me a minute?’ “

“If you’re trans you’re not automatically perfect. You’re totally equal, you’re not perfect on your own.”

— Bill Mahero

“This idea that we are no gender when we are born, it is very new and very radical that you are born, it is just jump ball!…It is a very new idea and I am sure Not that I’m down with it all and I don’t need to be,” Maher said.

simple thinking

McHorter responded by saying that members of the awakened crowd “think of themselves ahead of the curve” and “indicate some kind of higher wisdom” but in fact have “a very simple way of looking at things”, Which equates it to narrow logic. “5 years old.”

Yang said, “Being a comedian really sounds like a daunting task. I think we can agree that the primary role of a comedian is to entertain, and it sometimes gets us thinking.” But nobody thinks it’s the comedian’s role to tell us how to think, or what to think and attributing that role to Dave or any other comedian is no service to the art, artist, or society at all does.”

“No one thinks it’s a comedian’s role to tell us how to think, or what to think.”

— Andrew Yango

Dave Chappelle shows no signs of cancellation after sold-out show in London

Maher then pointed to “The Closer”‘s Rotten Tomatoes score, which garnered only 43% approval among critics, but over 95% from audiences.

“It says a lot about the difference between real people,” Maher said.

He criticized NPR’s review of the Netflix special, accusing Chappelle of “using White privilege to excuse his homophobia and transphobia.

“Wait, now Dave Chappelle might have White privilege? I’m really confused now,” Maher quipped. “Can someone explain this to me? Where does this madness come from? … I’ve done three editorials on White Loathing. It’s like a kink. White people need to hate themselves. It’s like The man likes to be whipped and said he’s a worm by some woman with high heels around his neck. Right?”

Maher also pointed to the walkout organized by trans Netflix employees and was stunned to see how the streaming giant “has a lot of trans people working out there.”

“Isn’t that a story in itself? You know, doesn’t that mean this company is too enlightening to start? I mean, sometimes you can ask for too much, even if you’re in the minority. Yes,” said Maher, adding, “crazy-thinking thing, I know.”

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