Biden touts ‘silver lining’ despite ‘existential threat’ of climate crisis


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Biden discusses potential for millions of new jobs as a result of moving to clean energy

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President Biden spoke about the potential economic and standard of living benefits that could come as a result of addressing climate change, saying the world is at an “inflection point” in dealing with the situation.

The president made brief remarks at an economic forum on energy and climate in which he called on the world to take dramatic action.


“I wanted to show that we are at an inflection point, and there is a real consensus, a real consensus that while the climate crisis is an existential threat, there is a silver lining,” Biden said. “The climate crisis also presents real and incredible economic opportunities for people around the world to create jobs and raise living standards.”

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Biden said he is planning “historic investments and modernization of our climate-resilient infrastructure to build a clean-energy future that creates millions of jobs and starts in the new industries of the future.”

Biden warned against getting “too close to a point of no return”, citing storms, floods, fires in regions around the world, including temperatures of 118 degrees in the Arctic Circle. To that end, he encouraged other countries to bring their “highest possible ambitions” to November’s UN climate change conference – also known as COP26 – in Glasgow, Scotland.

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“Those who haven’t done so yet, their time is running out.” Biden said.

As for the US targets, Biden said the US is “committed to reducing greenhouse emissions by between 50 and 52% of 2005 levels by the year 2030.” He also set a 2025 target for a carbon-free electricity sector and said that by 2030 he believes 50% of cars sold in the US should be electric.

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“Not only would this drastically reduce the rate of global warming, but it would also create very valuable side effects such as improving public health and agricultural production,” Biden said.

The president concluded again by encouraging others to join him in combating climate change.

“Now is the time,” he said.

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