Biden to meet with Manchin, Sinema on Democrats’ $3.5T reconciliation bill


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Democrats’ biggest holdouts on $3.5T reconciliation bill include munchkins, cinema

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President Biden Censors are expected to meet separately with Joe Manchin and Kirsten Cinema on Wednesday as he seeks to influence the Democrats’ two biggest holdouts on the party’s sprawl. do and spending plans, according to a source familiar with the plans.

The meetings at the White House suggest Biden is personally engaging in talks amid growing divisions among Democrats.


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West Virginia’s Manchin and Arizona’s cinema are both critical to the end result of the massive family and climate plan, which Democrats plan to pass using budget reconciliation with their extremely narrow majority. Centrist Democrats have opposed $3.5 trillion to establish paid family leave, expand public education, and tackle climate change.

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With their incredibly thin congressional majority—the party doesn’t have just three seats in the Senate and in the House—the Democrats needed a delicate balancing act in approving a reconciliation measure with a bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure bill. face, or they risk losing support. Any one of the moderate or progressive members.

Some may see a 5% increase in Social Security with Biden as retired president

At the heart of the division is the fight for control over the size and scope of the spending package. Progressives say $3.5 trillion is the minimum needed to broaden Social Security and tackle climate change. However, centrist Democrats are wary of another multitrillion-dollar bill — funded by a bevy of new taxes, no less — after coronavirus The pandemic pushed the US deficit to a record high.

“[Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer] $3.5 . but i won’t vote [trillion] And Chuck knows that, and we’ve talked about that,” Munchkin said during an interview on CNN on Sunday.

Other Democrats have criticized Munchkin’s comments.

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Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other House progressives threaten to torpedo a separate, bipartisan infrastructure bill that has already passed the Senate unless its passage is clearly tied to a larger reconciliation measure.

Granthshala News’ Chad Pergram contributed to this report

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