Biden seeks to restart stalled agenda with crucial meetings with Democratic lawmakers


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Presidential meeting at 2 pm Progressive, bicameral Liberals at 4:30 pm

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President Biden is meeting with nine House Progressives Democrats And on Tuesday eight moderate members of both the House and Senate are trying to get closer to an agreement on Democrats’ plan to spend trillions on social and environmental programs.

The president’s first meeting will be with progressive members, most notably Representative Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash, chair of the House Progressive Caucus. She is pushing for the spending bill, which Democrats are pushing to avoid a Senate filibuster through budget reconciliation, to include as much money in as many programs as possible.


Jaipal will join Reps. Richie Torres, D.Y., Mark Pokan, D-Wis., Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., Ro Khanna, D-Cal., Barbara Lee, D-Cal., Katherine Clark, D-Mass., Jared Huffman , D-California, and Jimmy Gonzalez, D-California.

4:30 p.m. Moderates group meeting with Biden

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House bound to meet with moderates and progressives on Tuesday as DES struggles to reach reconciliation deal

He led last month in charge of Democrats who wanted the House to vote on the infrastructure bill before reaching an agreement on the reconciliation bill. But Jayapal and his team successfully took the infrastructure bill hostage, a shameful loss to New Jersey’s liberals.

Joining Gottheimer in the White House will be delegates. Censors John Tester, D-Mont., Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nev., and Mark Warner, D-Va. will also be present.

These are far from the only meetings Biden is taking this week as he seeks to help congressional Democrats break the impasse on his legislative agenda. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday that the president met Jayapal face-to-face on Monday and said he was talking to several members on the phone.

NS Arizona Republic It also reported that Biden is meeting with liberal Sen. Kirsten Cinema, D-Ariz., on Tuesday morning.

“We are excited by the fast pace of negotiations and look forward to completing it,” Saki said on Monday.

Swipe on Munchkin after new demands to severely limit Progressive Child Tax Credit: ‘Brutal’

Still, Democrats differ on several key items, as Sen. Joe Manchin, DW.Va. The progressive response of the U.S. is pushing for testing of the child tax credit.

He has emphasized that he is ready to support the $1.5 trillion bill, far below the $3.5 trillion number many progressives are still pushing for. More mainstream Democrats appear to be gathering around a number closer to $2 trillion, but everything about the reconciliation bill is in flux amid talks.

Democrats have a self-imposed October 31 deadline to pass or at the very least come to an agreement on their blockade of the progressive infrastructure bill before funding for surface transportation programs runs out. remove the

But most observers suspect it will also be difficult for Democrats to reach agreement on a framework by the end of the month. So Democrats will likely pass another temporary re-authorization of those programs to extend their deadlines into November and potentially December.

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That’s where they could run into some serious problems, however, with the end of government funding and loan defaults on December 3 – that Republican Says they will refuse to help Democrats escape – coming soon after. Those two potential crises could consume Congress in December and force Democrats to attempt to get their agenda passed in the 2022 election year, when the window for any deals may close.

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