Biden refuses to call on US reporters while UK’s Boris Johnson holds court with Brits


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Biden Says ‘Good Luck’ When Boris Johnson Asked If He Could Take Questions From Journalists

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President Joe Biden on Tuesday refused to call American journalists after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson questioned United Kingdom reporters during an Oval Office meeting.

After a brief conversation with Biden, which touched on issues ranging from climate change and transport infrastructure to lifting restrictions on British beef, Johnson opened the stage to journalists in his country.


“Would it be okay if we only have a few questions, just a couple?” Johnson asked, looking at Biden, who replied, “Good luck.”

Biden has repeatedly meant that he is not in charge of when, where and how he can take questions from the press

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The press pool was forced out of the Oval Office after Johnson took several questions to British journalists while Johnson was mid-sentence, prompting a flurry of shouting questions from journalists.

As he exited the pool, Biden appeared to briefly respond to a shouted question, “Violence is unacceptable.” It is not clear what the question was.

White House reporters complained of no formal questions being received at the White House while the British press asked them.

Biden has raised eyebrows repeatedly for saying that White House staffers control when and where they are allowed to take questions from the press. He has used phrases that suggest he is being “instructed” on which journalists to call from a pre-selected list. On several occasions, he has said that he is “going to be in trouble” if he answers questions from reporters.

The White House has also apparently cut feeds from several Biden incidents, most recently during a September 13 briefing on wildfires with federal and state officials in Boise, Idaho.

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