Biden Comptroller pick Saule Omarova refuses to turn over Moscow State University thesis on Marxism


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Sen Pat Tomei claims Omarova omitted thesis from her recent CV

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President Biden’s choice for the office of comptroller of the currency is facing a tough fight over his previous comments and studies after he refused to turn in his thesis on Marxism as a student at Moscow State University.

Soule Omarova was born in the Soviet Union now called Kazakhstan and graduated from Moscow State University in 1989. She pointed to the practices of the USSR as recently as 2019, when she tweeted about the gender pay gap, citing the USSR as a better model.


Pat Tommy, R-Pa., ranking member of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee. asked Omarova last week to return a copy of her thesis – both in English and in the original Russian – for review by the committee before October 13. His thesis, titled “Economic Analysis of Karl Marx and Theory of Revolution” Capital,” remains an object of interest to some members of the committee.

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“While it appears that you have removed any reference to your thesis in the edition of your Curriculum Life (CV) which is currently available on the Cornell Law School website, the paper appeared on your CV as recently as April 2017 given,” Tumi wrote on 6 october

Omarova had not complied with the request as of Thursday, October 14, a spokesman for the Republican Senate Banking Committee claimed.

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Ms. Omarova has had time to attack Republicans in an interview with the Financial Times, but she couldn’t be bothered to adhere to the Banking Committee’s requirement that the nominees—regardless of their political party or ideology—remain in their writings. Submit copies of,” said Amanda Gonzalez Thompson. “We certainly hope she will reconsider so that senators have the information they need to fulfill their constitutional duty to advise and consent to appointments.”

Thompson argued that such requests are a normal part of the vetting process, and that other candidates have faced similar requests from committees in the past.

Omarova spoke with financial Times In an interview published Thursday, she claimed Republicans find her an easy target to “demonize” because she is “an immigrant, a woman, a minority”.

“For someone like me a different standard definitely applies,” Omarova said. He stressed that he believes some of the criticism made against him is racist in nature.

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Tommy said in no uncertain terms during a committee hearing last week that he does not believe the factors of his country of origin are taken into account for his nomination.

“I also pointed out that some of the most wonderful, loyal and great Americans I have ever met are Americans who were born and raised behind the Iron Curtain and came to this country,” Tommy said. “The fact of his background has no bearing on my judgment as to how deeply misleading the policies he advocates are and it is entirely appropriate for us to investigate those policies.”

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Republicans have Target Previous Comments Omarova in which she praised the USSR economic model, cited it as an example of a system the US should look to for inspiration.

“Until I came to America, I couldn’t imagine things like the gender pay gap still exist in the world today,” Omarova wrote. “Say what you will about the old USSR, there was no gender pay gap. The market doesn’t always ‘know best.’”

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Several executives have written to voice their opposition to Omarova’s nomination, pointing to other comments she said intended to reshape “the basic architecture and dynamics of modern finance”.

Omarova did not respond to Granthshala Business’s request for comment.

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