Biden builds taxpayer-funded wall around Delaware beach house, kills border project: Hannity


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Biden owns a $2.7 million beach house in addition to his Greenville, Dell, residence

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In his opening monologue on Friday, Sean Hannity rebuked President Joe Biden for portraying him as a hypocrite after reports emerged that the Delaware Democrat had a wall built around his summer home in Rehoboth Beach at the expense of the American taxpayer. will be constructed.

Hannity criticized the president during his Baltimore town hall Thursday for the thunderous applause he “joked”[ed] Americans’ passion for freedom” invoking a First Amendment mantra criticizing police officers who refuse to hoard a coronavirus vaccine.


“He would do that, which would just spit in the faces of millions of Americans… that would make them see the light,” the host said.

“Joe Biden and his hardline advisers don’t care about safety and security, they only care about politics – just look at the border.”

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Hannity noted that Biden sought to “appease radical leftists” by ending President Trump’s border wall project, voiding contracts and allowing the United States to be largely freed by illegal aliens.

“Ironically, at the same time Biden began construction on a huge wall around his beach house – certainly at your expense.”

Earlier Friday, in the allocation first discovered by Lewis Cape Gazetteer, ns The Department of Homeland Security awards approximately $457,000 to a Sussex County, Del., company To build a wall around the address of Biden’s $2.7 million summer home near Cape Henlopen.

When asked about the case by the New York Post, US Secret Service”refused to discuss protective means and methods

Biden’s second property in Delaware is his main residence in Greenville, outside Wilmington.

On “Hannity,” the host notes that the southern border is a “disaster” as a wall is being contracted to the president’s beach house.

“But Joe Biden Is Too Busy to Travel [the southern border] …but not too busy to spend nearly every weekend in Delaware at the beach.”

He said Biden claimed he had visited the southern border during his tenure in government at the Baltimore Town Hall, but was fact-checked by observers.

Earlier on Friday, White House correspondent Peter Ducey told “Special Report” that Biden came close to the southern border when he flew into El Paso’s airport and attended a 2008 campaign event in Las Cruces, NM .

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