Biden allies hurl party’s worst insult in border crisis: Acting like Trump


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Biden’s special envoy to Haiti resigns in protest

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The uncontrolled US-Mexico border disaster has drawn strong criticism from both left and right for the Biden administration, a difficult political feat.

Liberals are baffled that Haitian immigrants are being treated so badly – ​​and, perhaps even more, are disgusted that the Biden government is using what it sees as Trumpian tactics.


Conservative Texas cities are just as sick of Del Rio’s images — and are realizing that the Biden approach is producing the disaster they had long predicted.

To those not equally divided into any ideological camp, the president just looks less than competent, especially against the backdrop of Afghanistan’s debacle and the coronavirus escalation.

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Biden press coverage turns sour as some see ‘credibility crisis’

Even Biden’s special envoy in Haiti has resigned in protest.

intractable problem

Immigration has been one of the most pressing problems in American politics. George W. Bush tried and failed to solve it. So did Barack Obama and the various Senate gangs. It was one of the most emotional battles of Donald Trump’s presidency, whose practice of separating families, among other things, drew sharp criticism from his opponents.

And now that Joe Biden insists his more humane approach might work, he has seen the situation blow up twice – first with Central Americans arriving at the Mexican border, and now with about 15,000 Haitians crossing the Rio Grande. Huh. No less establishment person is denouncing the policy than Chuck Schumer.

It’s a paradox: Once Biden indicated that solo minors would not be returned, he ignored ritual chants of “Don’t Come” from Biden and Kamala Harris. Once the human boom of Haitians was allowed to exit under the Texas Bridge in poor conditions – and faced offensive tactics from cavalry federal agents – the system was naturally overwhelmed.

as the New York Times put thursday, “Photos Could Come Directly From Former President Donald J. Trump’s Immigration Playbook: Mounted Border Patrol Agents Surrounding Desperate Haitian Families on the Southwest Frontier for Speedy Deportations from the United States.” In the Times lexicon, the Trump playbook is a toxic taunt.

The administration is using an immigration rule implemented by Trump to deport some migrants back to Port-au-Prince.

The Times quoted Marissa Franco, the head of a Latino civil rights group, asking Biden rhetorically: “How exactly are you different from Trump?”

Special Envoy Daniel Foote said in his resignation letter that “I will not engage with the inhumane, regressive decision of the United States to deport thousands of Haitian refugees and illegal immigrants to Haiti.” The career Foreign Service officer disagreed with the “deeply flawed” deportation policy and therefore had the right to resign.

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racial dispute

Black lawmakers and activists are turning this into a racial controversy when a predominantly Latino migrant was crossing the border. Left Congresswoman Maxine Waters urged journalists to “write the story” about the brutal tactics, saying “they are trying to bring us back to the days of slavery and worse.” You can always count on him to stay calm.

Nana Giamphi, head of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, told the Washington Post That, as the newspaper put it, the treatment of Haitians is “a product of anti-black racism, evident in comparison with how Afghan refugees have been received in recent weeks.”

Even though initial reports of rogue agents whipping migrants were false, criticism still wounds. They were still being grazed by horses.

Not that the White House is putting a happy face on the situation. Jen Psaki called the images of mounted agents confronting migrants “horrific” and not “acceptable or appropriate”, pointing to Homeland Security investigations. “Humans should never be treated like this,” Biden’s vice president said.

But the President has not spoken. When a reporter managed a question at the United Nations about the worsening border crisis, Biden only said, “We’ll get it under control.” Apparently he doesn’t want to talk about it right now. But this is a situation where his regular avoidance of press questions and sit-down interviews is not serving him well.

This is not a situation where conservatives are the driving force behind the story, even if the GOP is exploiting it and refusing to budge on immigration. Liberal commentators are blaming Biden, along with prominent Democrats and African-Americans who comprise his base. Biden badly wanted to drop Trump’s point of view, but accuses himself of emulating the man he ran against.

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