Bethenny Frankel says she’s not afraid of ‘cancellation’ amid backlash over ‘transphobic’ comments


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Skinny Girl founder comments on her ‘Just Be’ podcast

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Bethenny Frankel says she’s not afraid to “cancel” amid backlash for alleged transphobic comments she made on a recent podcast episode.

The founder of Skinny Girl took to Twitter on Tuesday after she started reacting online to the comments she made on Twitter.just stayPodcast about a transgender kid who attended a Hampton all-girls camp. While the former reality star doesn’t send her 11-year-old daughter to that camp, she says she’s on an email discussion thread for it when she Saw the conversation on the presence of the young man


Frankel also discussed how her daughter had to go through a discussion about pronouns at her school, leading many to say that the star was dismissive of the transgender community and used some offensive language.

He did a on Twitter. replied to page six Feedback report, Write: “Okay, I’m going to try to sleep. My new book cover shoot is in the morning and @PageSix says I’m transphobic so it must be true… or listen to @justbpodcast and decide for yourself . Papers must be sold. #donthetheplayerhatethegame.”

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One Twitter user responded by gently telling Frankl that he felt his comment was wrong and encouraged him to simply acknowledge it and use the controversy as a teaching moment. Instead, Frankel reiterated his comments, saying he doesn’t believe he did anything wrong.

“Listen to the podcast. Then comment. I wasn’t wrong at all,” she tweeted In reply. “And I’m going to discuss it again this week. Thankfully I have a forum to clarify what it’s like to distort the media. @justbpodcast ps. I’m not afraid of cancellation, so accusatory Not afraid of discussions.”

When a user came to Frankel’s defense and said there was nothing transphobic about her comment, she again said that she felt appropriate in her comments and encouraged people to come to her.

“Zero point zero but that doesn’t sell magazines and newspapers…. People are afraid to have a real conversation. If you don’t read your script before you speak, people get very excited. Come to me… I I’m here.. and the conversation will continue.” she wrote.

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According to And! News, Frankel began a discussion about the transgender man at summer camp, saying that “political correctness” had made it “the craziest year in camp history”—according to her account of other parents on the email thread.

“One issue that happened was a girls’ camp,” she said, “and one gendered man, who identifies as a girl, went to the camp and was in the bunk with the girls.”

She continued: “The other girls saw her, because it’s her. It’s male anatomy, but identifying as a female. So, the other girls saw a penis. They’re 9, 10 years old… So, the parents clearly weren’t so happy.”

She also said that she had heard stories that “this girl with gender was having relationships with a lot of different girls in the camp.”

The comments were considered offensive by many listeners, as well as moments elsewhere in the episode in which he rejected the idea of ​​discussing pronouns with his daughter.

“I zoomed in for my daughter’s school and [had] Pronoun conversations with every teacher, every parent, every child,” the reality star shared. “Even in school, everyone has to say their pronouns.”

The outlet reports that she didn’t teach her child about pronouns.

“My daughter didn’t even know what hers was and I can’t even blame you,” she explained. “I know what I am—or what I think I am—but I’ve never said it out loud. It hasn’t come to me.”

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