Ben & Jerry’s co-founders confronted over why they don’t apply Israel rule to US states with laws they oppose


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The company and its founders are known for supporting progressive causes

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The co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream recently were confronted that, despite their refusal to sell frozen desserts in occupied Palestinian territory, they continue to sell in states that align with their political beliefs. are not.

Interview of Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, long known for their progressive politics.Axios on HBO“By reporter Alexey McCommond.


McCammond asked Cohen and Greenfield why, despite being “big supporters” of abortion and voting rights, the company still sells ice cream in Georgia and Texas, both of which have tightened laws on those issues.

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“I don’t know,” Cohen said after appearing to give some thought to the question. “I mean it’s an interesting question. I don’t know what it will accomplish.”

Emphasizing the matter, Cohen said it would be unfair to stop selling ice cream in any state or country he disagrees with.

“I have a problem with what is being done in most every state and every country,” he said.

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The interview came after the company ignited a firestorm over the summer to announce that it would no longer sell its ice cream in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Greenfield compared abortion and voting rights in some states to the policies of the Israeli government.

“What they are doing is considered illegal by international law,” Greenfield said. “And so, I think it’s an idea.”

Cohen clarified that he and his business partners are in favor of a two-state solution, but the “settlements” make it harder and harder to achieve.

Cohen and Greenfield have resigned from running the company but retain the right to speak on their behalf.

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