‘Bachelorette’: Michelle Young meets 30 contestants in season premiere


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The star, who previously appeared on ‘The Bachelor’, sent a contestant home after a shocking revelation

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spoiler ALERT: Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the October 19 premiere episode yet.The Bachelorette

“The Bachelorette” kicks off its 18th season Leading Lady Michelle Young on top of this. The Minneapolis fifth grade teacher returned to the reality dating franchise after appearing on the historic season of Matt James’s “The Bachelor.”


Michelle agreed to become the Bachelorette, hoping to find love like her parents. After chatting with her mom, dad, and hosts (and former bachelors), Tacia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristow, she agreed to meet her men.

Introductory packages were given to several suitors: Chris Sutton, a Los Angeles transplant from the South; Joe Coleman – Joe, like Mitchell, is a biracial Minneapolis resident and loves basketball; Clayton Eckard, a former collegiate athlete (and.) Probably next season’s Bachelor); and Nayte Olukoya, who loves road trips with her dog.

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‘The Bachelorette’ Michelle Young on Balancing Reality TV Fame With Life as an Elementary School Teacher

Before meeting Michelle’s men, Caitlyn and Taishia examine the contestants. They went from room to room and chatted the night before filming. While sweeping, they checked their rooms and searched their belongings to search for any red flags.

While the search was in jest, they found about the behavior of Ryan Granthshala, a farmer in San Jose, Calif. The pair received a series of notes and folders containing instructions on how to succeed on the show, including how to get a good one. Edit, how to avoid becoming a villain and get air time.

‘The Bachelorette’: A sneak peek at Michelle Young’s season

Without that insight, Michelle met her competitors. Arrived in their isolation bubble by limo in Palm Springs, California, they prepare to impress with gimmicks, puns and props.

Many people pointed to his teaching roots, including Clayton, who invited Mitchell to slay him with a ruler. Chris appeared on a school bus with shorts and a backpack, and Rodney Matthews appeared in an apple dress.

Rick Leach arrived as a food cart; Ryan left with an ice cream truck; Daniel Tully arrived on a toy fire truck and PJ Henderson one-upped him with a real fire truck. Brandon Jones rolled onto a bed, and Martin Gelbspan flipped for his entrance.

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The final arrival was Joe, who stopped Mitchell in his tracks. He said he looked familiar, then revealed that the two had previously messaged on Instagram. He was involved in basketball before Joe ghosted him.

Following their entrance, Michelle begins the cocktail party with a toast and begins their round of conversation. During the party, he pulled Joe aside and asked him why he had joined the cast. He apologized for not responding to him and blamed the flurry of projects and concern amid protests against George Floyd for a lack of communication. She said that she needed to think about her future, and continued the conversation with the other men.

Michelle presented her coveted first impression to Nayte Olukoya.

A highlight was his conversation with Ryan, where he was served ice cream from his entrance truck. The two hit it off, but Michelle’s feelings are stifled when Taisia ​​and Caitlyn reveal the notes they found in their hotel room. Mitchell confronts him, and he says that the notes were made by a friend who wanted to prepare him, as he was unfamiliar with the franchise. She accompanied him to his room and reviewed the notes herself before sending them home.

The cocktail party went on. Nayte stood out as a pioneer and received Michelle’s coveted first impression after impressing her with her vulnerability. Twenty-three others received roses during the first rose ceremony, but six were eventually sent home: Brandon Kiefer, Brian Witzman, Edward Naranjo, Garrett Aida, Jack Russell and Jomary Gable.

“The Bachelorette” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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