Attention on Gabby Petito case helps bring a different missing person case to an end


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a rescue team in Wyoming said to have received heavy attention till Gabby Petito Case Helped them find the remains of another missing person who disappeared in the same national forest where Petito’s remains were found.

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Remains matching Robert “Bob” Lowy’s description were found at the base of Teton Pass on Tuesday, when they were last seen. The father of two Houston children traveled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming on August 19 CNN Affiliate KPRC.

Lowery, 46, was last seen carrying one on 20 August To hold a black duffel bag and sleeping bag and tents, according to the Teton County Sheriff’s Office. He is said to have been on the Black Canyon Trail in Bridger-Teton National Forest near Grand Teton National Park. According to police, the trail is popular among hikers and mountain bikers in summer.


Bridger-Teton National Forest is the same place Where Gabby Petito’s Remains Were Found on 19 September. Since her disappearance was reported, Petito’s story has made national headlines, prompting digital detectives to search through her online trail to try to solve the case.

The story has also uncovered the stories of thousands of missing persons that do not garner such intense interest; According to the National Crime Information Center, there were approximately 90,000 active missing person cases in the US by the end of 2020.

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Lowy’s whereabouts were under investigation, but due to new suggestions, a search and rescue team was deployed on Tuesday. News release From Teton County Search and Rescue.

The search and rescue team said, “Extensive news coverage of the Gabby Petito search helped bring Lowy’s case to light, and this past weekend at least two members of the public informed local officials about their possible last seen points.” Called with new information about.” .

The remains matching Lowy’s description were discovered with the help of volunteer hikers and a search dog team.

“Around 1 a.m., a dog team found a body and black Nike duffel bag on a steep, wooded slope quite off the mark,” the news release reads. “Collectively, the search team covered more than 75 miles and covered an altitude of 22,500 feet.”

The cause of death is being investigated.

“Bob has been an amazing father, son, brother and friend,” Lowy’s family said in a statement. CNN Affiliate KPRC Tuesday. “Our family would like to thank the news media and others involved in the pursuit of our privacy during this difficult time.”


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