AT&T claps back after leftist groups attack company over Texas abortion bill


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‘AT&T has never taken a position on the issue of abortion, and Texas law was no exception,’ company says

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Two major left-wing organizations launch ads targeting AT&T, condemning it for contributing to its campaigns Texas Republican lawmakers who sponsored SB8, the law that prohibits abortion After 6 weeks gestation is when doctors can detect the “fetal beat”. The organization also plans to hit the Walt Disney Corporation, and nbc-universal Those companies donated to Republicans sponsoring a similar abortion bill in Florida.

Corporate Accountability Action and American Bridge 21st Century, the Democratic Party’s opposition research arm, launched ads that highlighted companies’ donations to Texas Republicans, Associated Press reported. Corporate Accountability Action claimed that AT&T had donated more than $645,000 over the past two years to about 22 lawmakers who sponsored SB8.


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Yet AT&T told Granthshala Business that it did not take a position on abortion legislation, and that all three corporations heavily contributed to the 2020 election cycle, Democrats as well as Republicans.

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“AT&T has never taken a stance on the issue of abortion, and Texas law was no exception,” an AT&T spokesperson told Granthshala Business in a statement Sunday. “AT&T did not support or support the passage of Senate Bill 8 in the Texas legislature.”

The spokesperson concluded, “AT&T’s employee political action committees have never based their contribution decisions on legislator positions on the issue of abortion, and Staff PAC contributions to Texas legislators are both opponents and supporters of Senate Bill 8.” went to.”

In the 2020 cycle, the AT&T PAC gave $1.474 million to Republicans and $1.27 million to Democrats at the federal level. open secret. There was a heavy burden on the donations of the company itself. in favor of Democrats$4.1 million was given to Democrats and $1.8 million to Republicans.

Corporate Accountability Action did not respond to a request for comment from Granthshala News about AT&T’s donation to Democrats.

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Two left-wing groups are also planning to launch ads attacking The Walt Disney Company and NBC Universal. Corporate Accountability Action claims Disney gave $262,000 to more than two dozen lawmakers who sponsored the abortion bill, and NBC Universal gave $83,500 to those legislators, as well as the Texas Republican behind the Lone Star State’s abortion law. Gave $88,000.

Neither The Walt Disney Company nor NBC Universal responded to Granthshala News’ requests for comment. According to open secret, Disney gave 85.3 percent of its federal donations, $3.3 million, to Democrats in the 2020 cycle, while only 7.3 percent of its donations to Republicans, $277,925. Company’s PAC Gave $79,750 to Democrats and $52,500 to Republicans.

NBC Universal did not make a federal contribution, but its owner, Comcast’s PAC, did. gave more Republicans ($1.4 million) compared to Democrats ($1.2 million) at the federal level.

texas law, Republican Gov. Signed by Greg Abbott in Mayprohibits abortion Once Medical Professionals Can Detect Heart Activity, usually around six weeks and before many women find out they are pregnant. Rather than enforce a ban by the state, the law creates a private right of action against persons who perform or aid and abet an abortion that violates the law – but not against a woman undergoing the procedure.

After abortion providers attempted to block the law from taking effect, the Supreme Court upheld the law, but the Biden administration intervened. After District Court Judge injunction filed Blocking the law, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals allowed the law to take effect. Abortion facilities temporarily halted operations before resuming them following an injunction, only to stop them once again.

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“This is a moment in our country where there’s no middle ground. You really can’t be on edge,” Cecil Richards, former president of Planned Parenthood and current co-chair of American Bridge 21st Century, told the AP. .

“Such pressure campaigns are nothing new to come from the left. Instead of debating the issue of life, American Bridge and Corporate Accountability Action are trying to silence pro-life politicians,” Justin Danhoff, Executive Vice President in the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project and an investor in AT&T and Disney, told Granthshala Business.

Danhof stressed that “these campaigns are always wildly fraudulent,” noting that “corporate PAC dollars are generally split equally between Republicans and Democrats.”

“As an investor in AT&T and Disney, I hope they have the courage to tell the truth about the lies of these extremist bullying tactics,” Danhof said. “I encourage the pro-life customers, investors and employees of these targeted companies to reach out and make your voice heard. Corporate leaders need to hear from both sides. The Left wants to silence you. Don’t let them do that.”

Kimberlynn Schwartz, director of media and communications at Texas Right to Life, told Granthshala Business, “This is another example of a pro-abortion mob that tries to quash anyone and everyone who doesn’t succumb to their agenda. ” “This campaign is juvenile only. These companies obviously didn’t donate to elected officials.” Since of his pro-life beliefs.”

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“It is also important to realize that pro-abortion activists predicted that the Texas economy would collapse without abortion and there would be cultural chaos, but we ended almost all abortions for more than a month and none of their predictions came true. Didn’t,” Schwartz said. . “Not only will the world still change without abortion, but our culture thrives and we all rise when we foster life.”

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