Andy Puzder: Biden, Dems still eager to transform America into a welfare state


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Democrats see the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to fundamentally change America

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Progressive Democrats are very open about the fact that they see the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to fundamentally change America. The monstrous of a reconciliation bill they keep trying to ram through Congress how they plan to do it. Wise men may have stopped their pace, but we would be wise not to count them yet.

In fact, after a meeting with House Democrats on Capitol Hill on Friday, Biden said, “We’re going to get it done. It doesn’t matter when. We’re gonna get it done.”


This so-called$3.5 trillion“The reconciliation bill is a spending behemoth that will really clock over $5 trillion If scored well. Congress’s arbitrary 10-year window to score only accounting tricks and budgetary effects allows the Left to shy away from using the lower figure. and he is the top $1.9 trillion Democrats are trying to pass a nearly $1 trillion “physical/human infrastructure” bill, along with spending included in the coronavirus relief package passed earlier this year in tandem reconciliation with the bill.

All that spending would require massive tax hike, Undoubted. Democrats pretend they will only target the rich. But, despite claims to the contrary, the wealthy are already bearing the brunt of our progressive tax system (already the world’s largest tax). most progressive tax system) and just don’t have enough money to pay for all this government spending.

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Add to that the fact that Democrats really want to reduce taxes for their wealthy friends and wealthy contributors by, among other things, reinstating deductions for state and local taxes that almost exclusively benefit the wealthy and undeniable. The reality is that all Americans will find themselves footing the bill for these massive government spending projects, in the form of direct tax liabilities, increased prices, or reduced economic opportunities. These are European-like welfare benefits and the only way to pay for them are European-like taxes that affect every class and income group.

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However, it’s not just the huge cost of the bill that must be terrifying. It also has broader policy implications, which together make an unprecedented attack on entrepreneurship, the free market and individual liberty. Democrats are seeking to establish a cradle-to-grave welfare state as well as a universal basic income through the backdoor.

For example, the Extended Child Tax Credit will not be linked to work in any way. In other words, it would serve as a direct financial incentive for Americans to treat children as a source of income—especially since it would be combined with child care subsidies that become more valuable the more. Somebody has kids. This clearly reduces the incentive to work – a fact that leaders across the political spectrum have readily recognized in relatively recent times.

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In the mid-1990s, President Bill Clinton and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich worked together to pass landmark reforms that made individual responsibility a cornerstone of America’s welfare system. The work requirements encouraged Americans to improve their conditions and end their reliance on government handouts. The expected result of this was increased economic growth and lower unemployment.

Now, however, leftists see work requirements as an undue burden, and are working to undo the bipartisan reforms of the 1990s by increasing welfare benefits and expanding eligibility. Unfortunately, as we have seen with generous COVID relief payments, the end result of paying people not to work is that people choose not to work.

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Furthermore, if it is somehow passed, the reconciliation bill would significantly expand federal health care subsidies, and seek to artificially lower the price of prescription drugs at the expense of innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. Couple that with Universal Preschool at a 3-year-old and tuition-free community college, and you’ve got a good start on a lifelong government dependency.

The folly of the progressive policy formula should be clear to all at a time when the country is facing both inflation and labor crisis. There are currently millions of job opportunities Not being filled because employers cannot bring workers back into the work force. spike together demand driven inflation It makes clear that the blame lies in government programs designed to free people from the need to work full-time to maintain their standard of living.

We don’t have to look far to find examples to the contrary, either — 2019 was arguably the most incredible year in US labor market history.

With record levels of employment for women and minorities, at just 3.5 percent, the unemployment rate was at its lowest level since 1969. There were more jobs available than workers to fill them, putting upward pressure on both wages and benefits. Inflation was low and stable, keeping spending power high. As for child poverty, it has dropped to the lowest percentage since 1973 – down from the 3.6 percentage point since the end of the Obama/Biden era.

This was all due to the Trump administration’s pro-growth policy environment, which included lower taxes on individuals and businesses, aggressive elimination of unnecessary regulations, and political acceptance of the government’s limited role in citizens’ private lives. Today, the Biden administration and Progressive Democrats are intent on taking a polar-opposite approach, and if they are successful, no one should be surprised if we experience polar-opposite results.

I wish – and our children and grandchildren wish one day – that we all took more seriously the declared desire of the left to radically change our country.

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