Andy Cohen nearly punched by a ‘Real Housewives’ hubby: ‘He had a gun’


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Kroy Berman was told to keep the gun off the set despite Georgia’s open carry law

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Andy Cohen’s “Real Housewives” gig isn’t always peachy.

In fact, Bravo’s big shot was nearly knocked out by “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum Kim Zolciak-Berman’s hulking husband, Kroy Berman.


“I remember Kroy yelling at me in the bathroom after the reunion,” Cohen said in the new “Housewives” tell-all “Not All Diamonds and Roses,” which was released Tuesday.

In cheeky tome, the 53-year-old recalled the lead of “Watch What Happens Live” as Croy, 36, circa 2018 hosted a “RHOA” season 10 reunion — which would be Kim’s final appearance on the franchise.

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“It was the only time during the entire run that I felt like I would be punched,” Cohen said.

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He notes that Berman also brought his gun to the set of Reunion, which was filmed in Georgia, an open carry state.

But moments before her and Berman’s bathroom brawl, Kim defended herself and her eldest daughter, 24-year-old Brielle Berman, with her classmates on the reunion couch, who “crawled in series co-star Nene Leakes’ bathroom”. Roches” shared a video.

During the season, Kim was also caught telling fellow series star Sheree Whitfield that “… [Nene’s] bathroom,” showing the 51-year-old video evidence on her phone. She also wrote a scathing post in which she deemed Nene “sick” and “disgusting” and claimed the 53-year-old lived in a “roach nest.”

But, when hired by Cohen and the other Housewives—all of whom are African American—to shade abusive and culturally insensitive during the reunion, Kim, the only white cast member, denied that her roach-nest rant was racist. was alleged.

“You’re reaching. Reaching out,” said the mother of six, emphasizing her words were not meant to portray Nene as a poor black woman living in government-funded housing projects.

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“Don’t try,” said Kim. “It has nothing to do with projects or that s—t. A roach is a roach.”

Despite their denials, Cohen and the other women continued to hold their feet to the fire on the matter, along with other questionable comments they made throughout the season.

And her husband was not happy about it.

Cohen told all of “Housewives” writer Dave Quinn that after the show, an angry Bierman confronted him in secret, saying, “I didn’t protect Kim enough, or on enough positive things that happened to her that season.” Focused. Performance.”

And Cohen apparently reminded the 6-foot-3, 260-pound former NFL linebacker that his wife didn’t give him enough nice things to work on in conversation.

“I shamelessly said, ‘Well, there really wasn’t anything positive to focus on,’” said reality TV head Honcho, a comment he almost immediately regretted.

“I thought, ‘Here’s it, man, there’s a lot of housewives and husbands who are tired of your shady s—t and you’re about to take your own account,’” Cohen recalled thinking in the moment, totally bemused by Berman. Was hoping dragged him.

But he didn’t. And for that, Cohen was grateful.

Bravo VIPs were even more grateful to learn that the production had previously instructed Burman to leave his shotgun outside the reunion’s filming location.

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