Amazon return-to-office plans left up to managers


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There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, says CEO Andy Jesse

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When it comes to corporate employees returning to the office, Amazon’s senior leadership is open to mixing it up and entrusting the chain of command to decide whether, when and how often employees will trek to the workplace once their offices open. again in 2022

In a notice to Amazon employees on Monday, CEO Andy Jesse explained that the company previously thought he would be back in office in September 2021, before moving that date to January 3 “with the suggestion that we all get into this.” Must try to stay in office at least three days a week.”

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Jassi said top leadership listened to a series of questions about how this might look and determined that “in a company of our size, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to how every team works best.” Not all approaches.”

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The CEO said he eventually decided to “change course a bit”, declaring that “for our corporate roles, instead of specifying that people work a baseline of three days a week in the office, we’re making this decision.” Going to leave individually. Team.”

“This decision will be made team by team at the director level,” Jassi explained. “We expect there will be teams that will continue to work mostly remotely, others that will do some combination work remotely and in the office, and still others who decide clients will have to work mostly in the office on the team. We are deliberately not stipulating how many days or which days – that’s up to the directors to determine with their senior leaders and teams.”

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Jassi said Amazon will continue its policy of allowing corporate employees to work remotely from anywhere for up to four weeks each year, as long as it is within their country of employment. In addition, he said, the company would like to see the majority of people able to attend the meeting at the office if given one day’s notice.

The CEO in his memo also gave a shout out to Amazon’s fulfillment and transportation employees, who have been unable to work remotely during the pandemic. He wrote, “I want to thank these teammates for their passion, commitment and continued dedication. This is greatly appreciated.”

Amazon’s corporate employees have been working remotely since COVID-19 first hit last year, and the company has shifted gears more than once regarding their return to the office as the pandemic dragged on.

Jassi said in his letter that “these are unusual times,” adding, “you can bet we will continue to adjust as we continue to learn what matters most to our customers and teams.”

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