Alyssa Milano reveals her uncle will require open-heart surgery following traffic incident in August


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Both fell into an accident in Los Angeles after suffering a medical incident behind the wheel

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Alyssa Milano’s uncle Michelle Karp now needs open heart surgery His August car accident, The actress has confirmed.

“He’s out of the hospital, he’s home,” the 48-year-old Shared with Entertainment Tonight At the Variety’s Power of Women event on Thursday, she said, “She cares and she’s trying to build her strength to have open heart surgery. So that’s where we are now.”


Milano said Uncle Mitch attended his son’s baseball game earlier that week, which was “really surprising.”

This is a huge improvement in the days after the accident. Milano’s uncle was on life support.

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Alyssa Milano and Uncle involved in car accident

When asked how she was doing after the horror, Milano said she “has been really good at this whole thing.”

“Whereas if you would have told me years ago, ‘You’re about to get into a really bad accident. You have to save this person’s life and it’s going to be really scary,’” I would have told you, I don’t know what. I can get through this,” she explained, “it’s true what they say about having this supernatural power when you need it.”

The accident occurred on August 16 when Milano’s uncle suffered a heart attack while driving a Ford SUV on a Los Angeles highway. Though the actress was a passenger in the car, she was reportedly not harmed.

According to Milano, Uncle Mitch fainted and helped stop the car by two Good Samaritans, who also had to perform CPR at the scene.

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