Alec Baldwin’s shooting mishap: Special effects expert analyzes what likely happened


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‘This really, in my opinion, shows a blatant disregard for security,’ says Steve Wolf.

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As the investigation into the fatal gun firing of Alec Baldwin continues, special effects supervisor Steve Wolf shares his expertise and analyzes how the tragic event was allowed to happen on “The Story with Martha McCallum.”

Wolf: I believe it was a live round because a remnant or wading from a piece of blank would not cause any fatal injury at that distance. So a blank is just a cover, a cartridge and some powder. A live round is the same three components with a bullet attached to it. So… they just don’t look alike. And anyone should be able to tell.


Now people are saying, you know, shot with a prop gun. It was not a prop gun. It was a real gun. Such prop guns cannot accept live ammunition. There’s a physical blockage that keeps you from keeping it there. So if you couldn’t put ammo with bullets in a prop gun, it wasn’t a prop gun. It was a real gun. In a real gun… you have cylinders. Live ammo goes in. So if anyone was shot by it, it was with a real gun. So that means we had an actual unmodified gun that we should stop calling a prop gun and we had ammunition with a bullet on it. So not empty…

We violated here that we had the wrong kind of gun because it was capable of taking live gunpowder. We had live gunpowder on the set and that gunpowder was in the gun and then we pointed the gun at someone. You can make any one or two of these mistakes without fatal consequences. We could have had a real gun. We couldn’t live with gunpowder in it. And if we don’t point it at someone, nobody gets hurt. You have to put all three of them together. So it really shows a gross disregard for security, in my opinion.

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Watch the full interview here:

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