Alec Baldwin shooting victim Halyna Hutchins would be ‘angry’ about her death, pal says: ‘Safety mattered’


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On October 21, Hutchins, 42, was shot and killed with a gun used by Alec Baldwin on the “Rust” set in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Unique: cinematographer helena hutchins Her friend and fellow filmmaker told Granthshala News in an interview that she would be shocked and “outraged” about her death on a film set of all places.

Jupiter Makins, the fiction film writer and director in Toronto, Canada, had met the late cinematographer years earlier through a mutual friend in Los Angeles. “He and I became fast friends and we’d go to Sundance [Film Festival] together every year,” Makins said.


Hutchins, the 42-year-old victim of Alec Baldwin Shooting happened onWarSet in Santa Fe, New Mexico on October 21, the film will be remembered by her friend as “an easygoing, funny person who laughs easily.”

“I think it was part of her charm,” Makins shared. “She was very caring and wanted to see everyone’s success. She wasn’t selfish with it. If she can help you become more successful in any way she’d rather approach you, get it done, someone.” Will try to introduce you too. She could.”

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‘Rust’ shoot: Locals of film leave ‘rolling’ for alleged lack of safety measures: Live Updates

Hutchins’ selfless spirit makes his death all the more painful, Makins said. The Toronto director said Hutchins was an excellent professional on set, not only when it came to camera work, but also when it came to the importance of safety.

“She would certainly be angry about it,” Makins said of Hutchins, knowing that her death would be the result of apparent “negligence.”

“She must be questioning protocol. She was never afraid of violence on set. She was a soldier. She used to go and work. But she is also protective of her team. If she needs to bat for her team If so, she will go to bat for her team. She was a fair and respectable person and she acted diplomatically.”

Makins and Hutchins worked on a short film together called “Fallen”. Makins was just waiting for Hutchins to become available to add the finishing touches — color correcting — to it. Makins said that the film he starred in did not involve any guns on set. However, working side by side with Hutchins, Makins realized, “Safety is 100% what matters to him.”

Alec Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ movie shooting: Criminal charges ‘on the table’, says district attorney

Makins, analyzing his death, said, “It would be out of his character to not care about those things.” “Her ears would perk up and she would scream if something went wrong. That came as a great surprise to me. She was definitely drawn to safety.”

And Hutchins’ career in film photography was just getting started. The budding cinematographer had several projects to choose from when he accepted the gig on “Rust,” directed by Joel Souza, who was injured in last Thursday’s shooting. He has since been discharged from the hospital.

Over the summer, Hutchins spoke at length with Makins about the opportunities ahead of him.

“It wasn’t the only film that came out. It was the one he chose. I remember there were really good choices. He talked to me about his choices and I believe that people choose their direction and they help.” They choose that option so I didn’t. But when it all happened I’m like, what if I chose a different film and convinced it? She wouldn’t have been on that set. Or what would have happened? If I did’ she didn’t get her vaccine certificate on time? I’m sure they would have waited for her, but it’s all things that play on your mind.”

Makins said Hutchins also had to do some extra leg work to make sure he could get to the “Rust” set on time.

Cinematographer Helena Hutchins is killed on the New Mexico set of 'Rust' when a projectile accidentally fired from a gun.

“The last time I spoke to Halina she was shooting a movie in Saskatchewan, [Canada] And he had his second vaccine and they wouldn’t send his vaccine certificate to a US address, so he mailed it to me. I had to bring him to him. I think it was September 7 so she could have been in the film,” Makins said.

A press conference is being held by officials on Wednesday about the investigation into the on-set shooting. Like many people, Makins believes the tragedy should never have happened and could have been prevented.

Alec Baldwin broke his silence the day after Helena Hutchins died.  He wrote on Twitter,

Hutchins’ friend said, “At least it’s negligence. I don’t think it’s an accident. There are a lot of things for me that shouldn’t have happened.”

Before his death, Hutchins and Makins had very good plans to build a film set during Burning Man.

“I was going to write the film and direct it and she was going to be the cinematographer and help get the funding,” Makins said. “Obviously that’s not happening right now, which is sad. I’m still going to write it down and dedicate it.”

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