Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ shooting: Police ‘not exactly sure’ of actor’s ‘whereabouts’ but says he’s cooperating


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Work being done on ‘Rust’ star’s Hampton home reveals no one is in the estate

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During a press conference on Wednesday, Santa Fe Sheriff Adan Mendoza said he was “not quite sure”. [Baldwin’s] Current whereabouts,” as he has not been asked to live in New Mexico, although police say he has been an accomplice in their ongoing investigation into the accidental “Rust” shooting.

The 63-year-old actor was in New Mexico shooting an upcoming western-style film when he landed a shotgun during a rehearsal, which was told he had been taken off.


A projectile was hit by the gun and eventually the cinematographer Helena Hutchins was killed.

Director Joel Souza was also injured, but has since been sent home from the hospital.

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‘Rust’ movie shooting press conference: Don’t know about Alec Baldwin but he’s collaborating

Production on the photo has stopped while the case is under investigation, and shortly after the incident an assistant was seen packing Baldwin’s family’s belongings into a car known for their property in the Hamptons. .

Alec Baldwin ‘Jung’ shooting is ‘a very complicated matter,’ police say: ‘It’s an enigma’

Although it was thought that the Oscar-nominee and his family could move to their Hampton home, work is being done on the property, so it is possible that he is not there.

Alec Baldwin was rehearsing a scene for the film 'Rust' when he fired a shotgun - he was told 'is cold' - resulting in the death of a crew member.  Officials said they are cooperating with his investigation, although they do not currently know his whereabouts.  He was not asked to live in New Mexico.

It is not clear whether Baldwin and his brother are living in the property they are renting or whether a friend or family member is currently keeping them.

Baldwin was living in New Mexico at the time of shooting. He was seen several times at the La Posada hotel, a local told Granthshala News – once with Hutchins’ son and husband – although it is unclear whether he was staying there at the time.

“Rust” was being filmed at Bonanza Creek Ranch near Santa Fe when the gun was discharged. The actor has not been seen for several days since the shooting.

Granthshala News’ Lauryn Overholtz contributed to this report

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