Alec Baldwin handed prop gun on ‘Rust’ set by crew member who was previously fired after 2019 mishap


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A “Freedom’s Path” producer said Dave Hall was fired after a crew member suffered “minor and temporary injuries” while having a “prop gun discharge”.

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The crew member who handed a prop gun to Alec Baldwin on the set of “Rust” was previously fired from a different project after another incident.

On Thursday, Baldwin discharged a shotgun while rehearsing a scene for a Western-style film, resulting in the death of cinematographer Helena Hutchins.


According to a warrant from authorities, the 63-year-old actor was handed the firearm by assistant director Dave Hall. A warrant stated that Hall handed over the prop gun to Baldwin and declared it “cold”, an industry term implying that the weapon was not loaded with ammunition, including Blank.

The gun Baldwin used was one of three that were a firearms specialist, or asarkarAccording to court records, a carriage was set outside the building where a scene was being rehearsed. According to the Associated Press, citing an application for a search warrant, Hall was unaware that there were live rounds inside the firearm.

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Granthshala News can now confirm that Hall was fired from a different project in 2019 after a crew member on “Freedom’s Path” was hurt by a prop gun.

Alec Baldwin was given a prop gun by a crew member against whom there was a previous security complaint

A producer of the film said in a statement, “I can confirm that Dave Holles was fired from the set of ‘Freedom’s Path’ in 2019 after a crew member suffered a minor and temporary injury, when A gun was unexpectedly discharged.”

Alec Baldwin was told the firearm was unloaded, says search warrant: report

“Hall was removed from the set shortly after the prop gun was discharged,” the producer said. “Construction did not resume until Dave was off-site. An incident report was taken and filed at that time.”

Granthshala News has reached out to Hall for comment.

The filmmaker has served as assistant director on several titles including “Reno 911!,” “Bones,” “The Matrix Reloaded” and “Hannah Montana: The Movie.” He also served as the second assistant director on Marilyn Manson’s “Born Villain” music video.

Alec Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ shooting accident: A look back at Hollywood’s biggest on-set tragedies

The incident resulted in the death of cinematographer Helena Hutchins.

Producers are the second person to express doubts about Hall’s safety record. On Sunday, another crew member who worked with Hall said he raised concerns about her in 2019.

Crew member Maggie Gaul, who worked with Hall on “Into the Dark”, told the Associated Press that while they worked together, she filed an internal complaint with the executive producers over concerns about Hall’s behavior on set. .

Gall said in an email on Sunday that Hall disobeyed safety protocols for weapons and pyrotechnics and tried to continue filming after a crew member “slipped into a diabetic fugue state.”

New Mexico officials launched an investigation last week after shooting on set that killed Hutchins and director Joel Souza himself sustained injuries.

In an email sent to members of the “Rust” crew over the weekend, the film’s production team confirmed that work on the film has been suspended until at least the investigation is complete. The team said it is working with law enforcement and conducting its own internal security review. The production company is also offering grief counseling.

No charges have been filed. Prosecutors and law enforcement officials are expected to provide an update on the investigation on Wednesday.

Granthshala News’ Sasha Savitsky and Jessica Napoli and

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