Albert Einstein’s tobacco pipe collection up for auction with bids over $20K


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RR Auctions puts a tobacco pipe collection that allegedly belonged to Albert Einstein for sale

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A collection of tobacco pipes, which is said to have once belonged to Albert Einstein, has been put up for auction, and bidders have already put the price up to more than $20,000.

The historical collection is a part of the “Notable Rarities” program which is being hosted by RR Auction, an auction house headquartered in Boston.


Einstein’s tobacco collection includes nine intricately carved pipes, many of which reportedly contain bowls made from Briarwood.

Celebrating Albert Einstein

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According to RR Auctions, tobacco pipes vary in size and “flexible slots” from wooden stands.

A letter from the current owner of the collection states that the rarity came into his family’s possession in the mid-1980s—nearly three decades after Einstein’s death.

The “Letter of Doctrine” alleges that the collection was obtained by the owner’s family through their relationship with the Institute for Advanced Study in New Jersey.

“My father was employed at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), Princeton NJ as a caretaker of IAS-owned real estate from 1969 to 1995,” the unnamed owner wrote to RR Auction. “When these houses are empty they have to be cleaned and they have to be prepared for the next professor to come.”

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Einstein served as Professor of Mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Study from September 1933 to April 1955 record published by the institute.

The German-born theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate died on April 18, 1955, at the age of 76. His surviving stepdaughter, the sculptor Margot Einstein, lived in the home of her respected stepfather until her death in 1986.

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RR Auctions theorized the cleaning of Einstein’s home at 112 Mercer Street was how the collection changed hands over the years.

bidding Notable rare items for the collection have already begun online ahead of the auction, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 25 at 3 p.m. EST.

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The live auction will be held at The Newbury Boston, a luxury hotel located in downtown Massachusetts.

As of Sunday afternoon, Einstein’s Tobacco Pipe Collection has received 18 “pre-live” bids. The current bid is $22,987.

RR Auctions estimates the value of the collection to be in excess of $50,000.

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