Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey blasts Facebook’s removal of her campaign page: ‘Big Tech has gotten out of hand’


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The Alabama Republican also reiterated its strong opposition to President Joe Biden’s proposed vaccine mandate

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Unique – Republican Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey took a stern approach to Big Tech this week, blasting Facebook over temporarily removing its gubernatorial campaign page and accusing it of working with President Joe Biden’s administration to help conservatives fight against the federal coronavirus. To stop talking about things like that. Vaccine mandate.

Speaking with Granthshala News Digital, Ivey reiterated that he strongly supported Alabamians taking the vaccine, but continued to reject any effort by the federal government to mandate vaccination. She blamed opposition to those mandates due to Facebook taking action against her page – Facebook has called this a mistake – and declared that “Big Tech has gotten out of hand” in its attitude towards conservatives.


“I’ve been against the mandate from day one,” Ivey said, adding that he was one of the early leaders to speak on the importance of getting people vaccinated. “I got vaccinated with the state’s health policy, and got a second shot, and I’ve got a booster too.”

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“That’s why I believe in vaccines. I don’t believe in mandating any level of government. It’s not just the government’s role,” she said. “The mandate that President Biden has launched puts an additional burden on our already troubled and distressed businesses and employees. And that is unacceptable.”

Ivey sharply criticized Biden after announcing earlier this month that all employers with more than 100 workers would be forced to either fully vaccinate all of their employees or take weekly tests for the virus. He said that if the state governor would not help defeat the pandemic, he would use his powers as president to “get them out of the way”.

“You bet I’m standing in the way. And if he thinks he’s going to get me out of the way, he has one more thing coming. I’m going to be a bull to Alabama against this outrageous Washington overreach.” Stand strong as I stand. Bring it on. On,” Ivey wrote in a Facebook post on September 10, the day after Biden’s announcement.

According to Ivey, Facebook banned her page in a notification four days later, citing violations of “community standards,” including a list of banned activities such as graphic violence, hate speech, harassment, bullying, nudity, sexual activity was involved. and sexual abuse.

Ivey, who is seeking a second term next year, provided a screenshot to Facebook’s Granthshala News Digital, informing her of the removal of her page:

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By the same afternoon Ivey’s campaign page had been reinstated, but she posted a clarification that blamed Facebook’s removal, alleging that she was “standing in the way” of Biden by overreacting to the federal government for Alabamians. was protecting.

“I think they were just disappointed that I opposed the president on the issue of vaccination. I don’t know why he did it, but we called it to his attention and he said, ‘Oh, that’s just a mistake,’” And we said bullshit,” Ivey said when asked why he thought Facebook took that particular action.

“When we contacted them they said it something else initially. So it’s about being against Big Tech conservatives. Access to Facebook is fine for the Taliban, but a gubernatorial campaign is not,” he said. , many pro-Taliban pages which The New York Times reported Despite the official ban on the group appearing on stage.

When asked why Facebook would change the reasoning for deleting his page, Ive said he had no idea the way it would work, and instead changed the concept of Big Tech as a whole.

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“Big tech has just gotten out of hand. This is a free country and no level of government should tell our people what they should and shouldn’t do about their health,” she said. “I have encouraged people to get vaccinated, and will continue to encourage.”

“It’s time more people did things right for our people and tried not to be so politically prolific every step of the way. If President Biden and Vice President Harris had been advocating for a vaccine early on, we’d be in this mess. Do not fall,” she said, citing repeated examples of Biden and Harris expressing skepticism over vaccines as they were being developed under the Trump administration.

Republican Alabama Gov.  Kay Ivey talks to Fox News about Big Tech and its opposition to President Joe Biden's proposed coronavirus vaccine mandate.

A Facebook source said the response Iway received was a standard message that outlines some potential violations of its policies and does not mean an account can be banned. Conservatives have repeatedly complained of unfair or double standards for their content.

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Ivey declared that even though Big Tech “had spiraled out of control,” she was not going to let him or Washington instruct the people of Alabama what to do.

“They’re just trying to get in the way of conservatives who have the opportunity to be outspoken and practice our philosophy. And I don’t have that,” she said.

In a statement to Granthshala News Digital, a Facebook spokesperson denied Ivey’s claim that the content of her post had caused her page to be removed, instead saying it was simply a mistake.

“The Governor’s campaign page was accidentally banned for less than an hour for reasons not related to any posted content. When we became aware of our mistake, the page was immediately restored,” the statement said. been done.”

A Facebook spokesperson also addressed Ivey’s claims about the Taliban’s use of its services, along with potential bias against conservatives.

“Our policies apply across the board regardless of an individual’s political affiliation,” the statement said.

“The Taliban have been banned from our services, and we will take appropriate action against accounts and content that breaks our rules,” it said.

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