7 juveniles facing multiple charges after knife fight at Annapolis High School leaves 2 hospitalized


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Officials say seven teenagers have been charged and two others have been hospitalized after violence broke out at a high school. Anne Arundel County Wednesday.


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The incident was reported around 8:45 a.m. at Annapolis High School, when fighting broke out outside the building and she was taken inside.

School resource officers surrounding the fight immediately intervened, disarming a student holding a knife. Two of the injured were reported to have serious but not life-threatening injuries. Officials say it is not clear what triggered the fighting.

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Second-degree attempted murder of a juvenile, first-degree assault, reckless endangerment, second-degree assault, obstructing school activities, possessing lethal weapon on school property, concealed possession of deadly weapon and possession of deadly weapon with intent Has been charged. to injure.

Another juvenile was charged with trespassing, possession of a deadly weapon on school premises, second-degree assault, assault, disorderly conduct and obstructing school activities.

The remaining five juveniles were charged with second-degree assault, assault, disorderly conduct and disrupting school activities.

All the parties have been charged as juveniles and it is clarified that one of the parties admitted to the hospital is a suspect in seven counts.


Annapolis school officials made the following statement:

Hello Annapolis High School Family. This message is to provide you another update on school operations today. This afternoon instruction continues on a slightly revised schedule and all students are being provided with the opportunity to have lunch. As a precaution and to help students feel safe in the building, additional school system staff members are at the school this afternoon. Police presence will also be increased this afternoon and at the time of dismissal. Additionally, due to extreme caution, all after school activities are canceled today. You will receive a communication with as much information as we can from this morning’s event. Thank you.

During the investigation, the school was locked down for about an hour. The lockdown was lifted at around 10 am

The school day continued here, but there was additional security for dismissal, and all after-school activities were cancelled.

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