4-year-old runs into the arms of Michael Myers in video gone viral


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A little girl’s reaction to an appearance at Michael Myers’ fourth birthday party is getting millions in the Halloween spirit.


The moment was recently captured on video when Aria Alvarado was shocked by the fictional slasher film character, who crawled from behind a bush in his familiar mask and classic blue jumpsuit.

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Mom Rose Alvarado posted footage on Twitter and TikTok showing Aria’s excitement as she welcomes Myers. Alvarado told Granthshala News that his daughter is a big fan of Michael Myers’ character on Halloween as well.

“Over time, I would buy her little trinkets that contained [featured] Michael Myers,” Alvarado said. “It’s not like she watches movies religiously… I think she just likes him as a character. It’s quite innocent. It doesn’t hurt him.”

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Alvarado said she hosted a costume party for Aria’s birthday this year, so her husband, Danielle, decided to dress as Myers.

“He said, ‘I’m going to surprise her and come around the corner and see if she notices,’” Alvarado said, adding that he played the theme song from the movie “Halloween,” in which Myers appears. Huh.

Aria went viral on social media as she ran towards the dreaded Myers, and not far from her, with many praising the child’s bravery in the comments section.

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Other users criticized Alvarado’s upbringing for exposing Aria to horror film characters.

“She’s trending to be herself,” Alvarado defended. “We too, we weren’t expecting that reaction from him.”

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Alvarado said that Aria also liked Sam the characters in “Trick ‘R Treat” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

Aria is still deciding between an astronaut, Batgirl, and a witch for the Halloween costume.

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